Split or Steal – Ultimate Thieves Guide

Glossary / Definitions

Tiers- Tiers are the rankings which go through 1 through 10. 1 through 7 are low tiers, and 8-10 are considered high stakes tiers.

Anonymous- In Split Or Steal if you steal without having this status people will see if you recently stole in your previous game. Once you reach high stakes your status is Anonymous, and no one knows if you are a thief or not.

Recently Stolen- Tiers 1 through 7 people will see if your bad Karma, and your recently stolen status. As a result people will steal from you if you don’t split through these tiers. However it’s not that easy.

Karma- You gain Karma for splitting, and you lose Karma for stealing. The more Karma you gain you gain a title that people can see in Tiers 1 through 7, same with negative Karma. This is where you will have to learn how to create stories that justify your bad karma.

 Org is short for “Organizations” and is pretty much a clan system that you can gain benefits from and help each other grow.

HQ- HQ is short for Headquarters, this is the place where you build buildings which give you percent bonuses.

Skins & Lightings- These are cosmetics that allow you to look different from other people.

Artifacts- Artifacts are permanent % increases that you can either buy or get from gaining Artifact % through either purchasing cosmetic items or building Museums in your HQ.


If you don’t have a lot of time to read all of this, at the bottom of each category there is a “In short” section that you can read very quickly.

It’s not rocket science. It’s a game.

Starting off. There are people, who think that people who steal in this game genuine bad people. This is the internet. Which allows us to do things outside our line of morality in real life. Regardless of what they think. They have no right to look down on someone for stealing in a video game.

If you are reading this guide you are either trying to become a thief or trying to learn how to avoid a thieves ways. Either way, welcome to the Ultimate Thieves Guide. If you haven’t read the Glossary of definitions and you aren’t familiar with such terms, I advise you to do so.

If you are new to Split Or Steal (SoS), you wouldn’t know the difference between these two buttons, split or steal. Starting off, you need to understand that you have a reputation in the community, There’s a lot of other things to take into consideration.

If you constantly steal during tiers 1 through 10, people will identify you as a scummy thief, and will steal back every singe time they encounter you. So yes. You will have to spit.

The Golden Rule

Split until Tier 6, then steal through Tier 7 through 10. Why, do you ask? Because Tier 7 is the last round before you are anonymous. No one see’s your bad karma or any recently stolen status while in highstakes games.

In short, split Tiers 1-6, steal Tiers 7-10.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets move on.

The Art of Deception

The Oppositions

While splitting at Tiers 1 through 7 some people will look at you and say “he has bad karma I’m not letting him off” and lock in the steal. Some people even like to roleplay as a police and arrest you back down to t1. If they steal from you; you just need to be resilient against these things and continue playing.

Create Justification Stories

Ways to avoid getting stolen from, is to create a copy pasta story that justifies your negative karma. For example, “I have bad karma because I only steal from hotdogs.” It’s a line that works because it narrows down the people you stole from to one specific group. Make sure to change it up every now and then so people don’t catch on. Be creative.

Disguise Yourself

Some people keep track of the way you look, and use that in order to identify you if you’ve stolen from them. To Avoid this, use different skins and lightings, to be undetectable, especially during high stakes rounds.

In short, create a story that justifies your bad karma.

Use different skins and lightings to be undetectable. Lets move on.

Be Organized

Join A Group

This is the part of being a Thief that is 100% essential towards being successful. Find like minded thieves, and create or join a steal Org. You can have up to 20 people in an Organization and by doing so, you will gain benefits from each others HQ’s.

What To Build

Starting off you want to build something called “Don Loanshark Branch”. Each one you build gives the Organization 1% Steal Bonus and 4% personal steal bonus. You want to spam build these buildings until you have 45 of them.

From there you can decide if you want to build the rest of the 17 slots into Loansharks or museums which give you Artifact % bonuses. As you go through the game, you will learn more about different HQ buildings. This is personally up to you.

Be Loyal

There are people who hop from Org to Org, to benefit themselves, that’s straight up greed. Numbers isn’t everything in this game, and like I mentioned in the Introduction, reputation is something to take into consideration. Community Matters.

In short, Join an org. Build 45 Loansharks. Be loyal.

Lets move on. We’re almost done.

Important Information

Take Breaks

I can’t stress this enough, it’s a video game. Things will get frustrating, you will be relentlessly bored out of your mind in such times. So don’t be afraid to take a break from the game. Play something else. Even a day off doing other things.

Be Active in the Community

Join Discord Servers. At the bottom right of the game you will see Rootpews Discord. It’s one button away. You are also welcome in the Thieves Den Discord Server. Many like minded people can be found there. Even if you don’t steal, you are welcome.


Listen to some music while playing this game. It really helps you relax. Personally this helps me play the game. Make sure you have fun!

Last but not least. Not a lot of people like this. But…

If you find yourself playing this game for extended periods of time per day. I advise you to hit that store button at the bottom left of the game screen, and purchase the doubler.


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