SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – How to Farm Shiny Objects Fast and Easy

This guide will teach you how to farm Shiny Objects fast and easy. It’s going to be as short as possible and as long as needed. Hope you enjoy!

How to Farm Shiny Objects Fast and Easy


Before we start here is a checklist with things you need:

  • You need to have the move Cruise Bubble which you can get by defeating Robo-Patrick
  • You need knowledge for creating macros
  • Therefor you need a program to create those

In my case I’m using a Logitech G910 keyboard and the Logitech G HUB software. You can also do this strategy without any macros on any platform but this guide wants to show a fast and easy way to farm Shiny Objects properly.


Step One

Go to this location in Goo Lagoon. Drown yourself in front of the checkpoint to respawn at this exact location. It’s important for creating the macro. From here I recorded my inputs with the software to safe it later as a macro.

Step Two

Destroy the Tikis on top of the sand castle via a Cruise Bubble.

Step Three

Destroy the Tikis on the bridge behind you with a Cruise Bubble.

Step Four

Drown yourself in front of the checkpoint. Here I stopped my recording of the macro. In G HUB I just toggle this macro and can let off the controls while the software is doing the rest for me. It’s important you only use your keyboard for inputs because the mouse can interrupt the automation.


Here is an example of my macro. You can completely let off the controls and do whatever you want because the software is doing the job. You can theoretically farm about 80.000 shiny objects in one hour with doing nothing.

Created by MuNuXiPi

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