SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated Cheats

This guides explains how to enable ingame console to use cheats.


In order to access dev console ingame, you have to use an external program called Universal Unreal Unlocker. (UUU)

The installation is quite simple, download and extract the files. Run the application and choose the game process to inject. The game needs to be running in background. Then hit “Inject DLL” button.

In case you’re using a non US keyboard, I recommend changing the console key. Go to Configuration tab and select a different key to open in-game console. If you changed it, you have to hit “Re-hook XInput” button again to apply changes.

Now you should be able to access in-game console by pressing the specified key. A black bar will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Disclaimer and Information

Allthough majority of the cheats are harmless, you can still somewhat ruin your savefile. Be aware of what you are doing!

Some of the cheats can be used to gain certain 100% achievements if you’re save file is messed up or shows wrong number of collectables.

Some of the cheats are not known to what exactly they are doing or additional parameters are missing. I try to keep the guide updated constantly.


-> required to use certain cheats

stat fps 
-> draws game fps on top right of your screen

-> toggle invincibility

slomo <number>
-> change gamespeed, default is 1

fov <number> 
-> change FOV, default is 90 or something

-> goes into freecam mode, does not move the player character though

-> teleports to location where you aiming at. attention, you might clip through the floor where you fall down until end of time. Reloading save helps.

changesize <number> 
-> change model size of the player. Default is 1

-> teleports to 0 coords ??, needs more testing

PINE_AddHealthAmount <number> 
-> gives health

PINE_AddShinyAmount <number> 
-> gives shinies

PINE_AddSockAmount <number> 
-> gives socks

PINE_AddSpatulasAmount <number> 
-> gives spatulas

-> gives all abilities

PINE_ChangeCharacter <number> 
-> changes player character, 0 = spongebob, 1 = patrik, 2 = sandy, 3 = mr. krabs, 4 = squidward, 5 = gary, 6 = robot plankton

-> change location?? needs testing

PINE_ChangeResolution <X> <Y> 
-> change resolution, for example: PINE_ChangeResolution 800 600

-> ?? needs testing

PINE_CollectSocks <number> 
-> collects num socks in a level

-> ?? needs testing

-> ?? needs testing

-> ?? needs testing

PINE_KillAllEnemies 1
-> kill all enemies in level

-> ?? needs testing

-> reset achievements? needs testing

PINE_SetHealthAmount <number> 
-> plays sound effect but HUD doesnt change

PINE_SetMaxSpeed <number> 
-> sets players max running speed, default is 1000

-> ?? controller rumble? needs testing

PINE_SetShinyAmount <number> 
-> sets amount of shinies

-> sets amount of spatulas

-> shows the camera profile

-> crashes the game and brings up unreal engine crash handler

PINE_SwitchToNextCharacter 1 
-> switches to next character in row

-> ?? switches to next location, needs testing

-> ?? needs testing

-> toggles the hud triggered by tab key

-> ?? toggle rumble state

-> unlock all levels

-> unlock all teleport boxes
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