Sprocket – Oscillating Turrets Tips and Tricks

A guide to making oscillating turrets in Sprocket.

Tips and Tricks to Oscillating Turrets

Pre-Turret Things

Make the hull, configure the tracks, etc. however you construct tanks.

Horizontal Turret

Build a sort of “cradle” for holding the vertical part of the turret. Create a new turret (free form, not default, I recommend the cube), and shape it however you like, be that like the Lorraine 40T turret, the majority of a main battle tank turret, or something else.

But be sure to shape it with a section being pushed back, so you can properly place the turret. I recommend shaping the turret, the rotating the turret to face the right or left. You can add the vertical turret on the left or right, so rotate the horizontal turret accordingly (attaching the turret to the left side of the cradle requires rotating said cradle to the left, and vice versa).

Once you have done that, you should be able to move on.

Vertical Turret

Place another turret on part of the cradle/horizontal turret. To do this, simply select the hull and then press the button on the bottom with the square turret (or any freeform turret). Rotate it so the front of the turret is facing away from the horizontal turret. You can do this by trying to place the mantlet and seeing how its oriented.

Be sure to set the mantlet constraints to 0, and 0, so it doesn’t move. You won’t have to worry about the azimuth (sideways movement of the gun itself rather than the turret), since it’s disabled for guns on turrets. You’ll probably want to use a symmetrical mantlet as well, since it will be rotated 90 degrees to the left or right. You don’t have to, it can be a look, but I haven’t. I’ve also only made two, but oh well.

Notes & Conclusion

This tutorial was made for version 0.12418, so if it doesn’t work then… sorry.

Well, with that done, make an oscillating turret! Or don’t! Put an oscillating turret on a normal turret for “rockets” or something, or an oscillating turret on an oscillating turret. On the sides, even. The possibilities are… not endless, but still a lot!

Here are the two oscillating turret tanks I’ve made.

Lorraine 40T

Fake Flakpanzer/MBT

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