Squad – Raiding & Infiltrating Guide

SQUAD is a game that simulates everything about soldiers on a real battle, and sometimes you gotta use tactics to get trough some harsh situations!

Play It Sneaky and Cool!

If you want to be a squad leader, first off you wanna get a good microphone so others can hear you, then you can get to tactics.

Alright, are you good now? Awesome!

The best way to get into city buildings raiding enemy bases is having atleast 1 medic and 4 soldiers near. The squad leader will then throw a smoke grenade in the building and give a signal to go in. The team will then split in 2 groups. It’s best to have fireteams at this point, to handle the situation without chaos, but if you do not want to have fireteams all you need to do is say who’s going where and who’s going with you. But remember, be always careful. You wanna lean over small gaps/open doors to see if there is a enemy behind and if so, first off signal everyone there is someone in, then breach in with everybody without leaving anyone behind, and make sure the medic is covering by leaning on that gap/open door so he can shoot and help others when the room is clear.

Keep using this tactic until the whole building is clear, oh, squad leaders may also give other soldiers the permission to throw a smoke inside the room instead of throwing it in himself, but I would do that only when you ahve no white smokes left, since red/orange smokes are used as flares.

Play It Loud, Be Proud

All of these tactics are bothering you, aren’t they?

Well, why not go loudly instead, you could say.

And I say: Why not!

Instead of throwing a smoke you could throw a frag inside of the room, then move in, make sure the room is clear and move on splitting in groups to then check all of the building. You can rush trough the rooms, but do not do it alone! This isn’t call of duty, remember that one other soldier that stays behind or in front of you could be great, cause here in SQUAD every single soldier counts!

Do you want’em to not know?Maybe you are looking for a not-so-loud idea to sneak inside a building… well, can’t blame you at all.

The best way you can sneak in is by using a knife instead of a gun. Just make sure the enemy is not watching you. But be careful! When you kill someone with the knife, that guy could tell everybody else there is a enemy in the room! If he does that, which is very likely, just rush all of the building covered by another soldier and split everyone to this formation.

Soldier — Soldier
Backup — Backup

This way you will be able to cover the front soldier in case he gets shot. If you get spotted you need to pull out the pistol, not your primary. Clear the building as fast as possible and perhaps, if you are interested, place a rally inside.

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