Squad – The Mortar Guide

Get the Program

Using the mortar without the program can be very difficult. So i would recommend to get the program.

You do not need to install it. But you need at least your mobile phone and open it up in the browser there or a second monitor. In my opinion the solution with the mobile phone is the easiest.

How to Use the Program

On this picture you see how the program looks after going on the website. The first step is always to choose the map on which you are playing. Then you open up the calculator by pressing on the button in the lower right corner.

Now you see the calculator. The first is YOUR position. The second is the ENEMY position. When you are in the game press enter and hover over your own position on the map. You will see the coordinates in the game next to your mouse arrow.

Type the coordinates in the calculator. Then press the “+” symbol in the calculator. Then hover over the enemy position or a mortar marker. Type the coordinates in the calculator and press the “+” symbol in the calculator. 

! You might ask yourself “what is the fourth number in the calculator. Example: B13-3-3-7. Look at the right side of your keaboard. Look at the number pad. The 7 is in the left corner. Basically the calculator gives your the opportunity to fire even more precise on the target. The qudratic fields in squad works the same. 8 would be the top of the quadratic field, 2 in the lower end.

In the game itself there is no third coordinate number. And basically you do not need it. Because you can drag the morter symbol which is pointed at the enemy around. By pressing on it and holding it with your mouse or your finger on the mobile phone. If you need to shell a certain building this way it is a lot easier.

Ok now you can close the calculator.

You will see now the firing calculation in the bottom line of the program. The first one is the “degree” of the mortar. So basically where your mortar is facing at. The second one is the” azimuth”. Basically the “height” of your mortar tube.

This two numbers are the only thing you need to bring death and fire to your enemies.

By the way. The blue circle is the maximum firing range of your mortar.

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