STALCRAFT – Early Game Search Missions

I’ve been seeing in chat lots of people including myself asking where these are and i want to make a guide so you all can keep going on your adventures.

Early Game Search Missions

The boar droppings quest you get at the start after going underground.

This one is honestly so easy to miss (probably cuz i didnt read) but all you have to do is run back to where you had to get the crystal.

Its the tree to the left the ground looks like it didnt render right and it is right next to the tree.

Bothke’s Message

This mission this **** mission is the one i see people struggling with so much!

So this one is actually really easy once you know where to look just open your map its the far left side of the swamp and it near the road the one geyser that isnt steaming.

Walk forward from the first picture and you will see a geyser that is steaming and go a little right and you will see the geyser that isnt thats where the backpack is.

Sorry if these picture dont help its hard to get a good view in that swamp just remember left side of the map right side if your looking at the swamp nears the road.

Courier Quest Near The Hind

After someone else said it in chat this ones actually these easiest one to find.

He in the tree (not really in the tree but standing right next to it).

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