STALCRAFT – How to Join a Friend

A quick guide on joining friends servers.

Channels / Servers

[Well, first the server your on is also called a channel, multiple sections of the games have multiple channels. The swamp, cordon, have different channels.

The channel your on can be found above your minimap.

Friend Requests

How to send a friend request

Pressing P will open the pda, from here you can Click on friends.

From here press the plus button and type there name!

Capitilizations important!


Adding somone to a squad is similiar to adding them as a friend.

Press p to open the pda then navigate to squad

From here you can change how your squad is viewed, if you just want it to be invite only just press create.

At the bottom it says nickname Input their Character name here.

They will get a notification in the notification tab.

Joining Their Server

If they invited you to a squad you need to go to the notification tab on the pda.

I do not have the notification so i cannot show you what it looks like.

There will be a notification for join squad and join server.

If you want them to join you you need to send them a squad invite.

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