STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – How to Tame and Ride Mounts

When you first arrive on the planet Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you may run into several types of creatures that aren’t hostile, and big enough to carry you — but you won’t be able to utilize them right away. This page contains information on how to tame and ride creature mounts in the game.

Taming the Relter

You won’t be able to tame any creatures until you make some progress into the main story, so avoid exploring too much until after you’ve gone to the Forest Array. Even if you spot the nests of the winged creatures, or run up alongside the large flightless bird-like animals, you won’t be able to ride either of them.

By traveling through the Basalt Rift and into the Forest Array, you’ll eventually take a detour to a place called the Bilemaw Den. At the end of this area, you’ll find one of the flying pterodactyl-like creatures called a Relter. It is at this point Cal will learn how to use these creatures to glide down from high places, and can soar over lengthy gaps.

Once back in the more open regions of Koboh, you’ll find nests in high places all over these areas, and can even check out the map for small symbols of the beasts to know where they can be found to glide down with. Unfortunately, you cannot summon them at will, nor can you impose too much direction over them while gliding.

Taming the Nekko

Not long after you tame the Relter, you’ll be able to complete your objective at the Forest Array, and will head out across the ravine to a place called the Nekko Pools. By taking the main path here, you’ll finally be able to find a lone Nekko animal to tame with your force powers.

Once you’ve successfully tamed the Nekko, you can summon it to you at any time by simply tapping RB/R1, even if you’ve lost sight of it. You can also now mount other Nekko without having to tame them using the force, simply by jumping on top of them to automatically mount the animal.

When riding a Nekko, you can move at increased speeds, and also attack with your lightsaber while racing by enemies. The Nekko can also help you traverse to previously inaccessible areas:

  • Large wet and slippery slopes that were normally impossible to traverse on foot can now be run up while riding a Nekko.
  • Jumping twice with the Nekko will allow you to jump off the mount with a massive boost, and allow Cal to reach areas you would otherwise be unable to get to with a normal force double jump.

Note that Nekko come in many different colors, and if you wish to use a specific one, you can leave the Nekko at the Stables in the Rambler’s Reach area so that it will be available the next time you return to explore.

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