STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor – Useful Tips for Beginners

Hidden Features and Options

  • Jedi Survivor features a robust accessibility options menu, which is great for offering players of all skill levels and aptitudes different ways to play the game, and there are many helpful settings that you may want to make use of. You’ll find settings such as disabling fall damage, navigation assist to enable mission waypoints, control scheme modifications, and even slow-motion combat options.
  • By default, Photo Mode can only be accessed by opening the menu. However, when navigating to the Accessibility menu, you’ll have the option to turn on and modify Shortcuts Controls. This essentially replaces the default Touchpad button on PlayStation 5 with four customizable shortcuts that can range from Photo Mode, Holomap, Audio Ping, Slow Mode, Puzzle Hint, and Nav Assist Ping.

Force Attack and Combat Tips

  • You can hold L1 and then press Triangle / Y to throw your lightsaber. This is especially handy for taking out Probe Droids before they explode on you. (Just be aware that this uses some of your Force Meter, so you can’t just do it over and over and over.)
  • You may remember a scene in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace where Qui-Gon Jin simply force pushes a group of Battle Droids to disable them. Cal can do this as well! The basic Battle Droids are incredibly weak, and you can often send out a well-timed push to destroy multiple droids with a single push rather than trying to engage them up close.
  • Many enemies you encounter can perform red unblockable attacks. However, if the enemy is susceptible to Cal’s Force powers, you’ll be able to cancel some unblockable attacks by countering with a well-timed Force attack. If an enemy turns blue instead of red, this means they are even more susceptible to a force move like Push to throw them off-balance.
  • Sharpen your Jedi Abilities by making full use of the Training option that’s available when accessing the Meditation menu. Unlocked when first visiting Koboh, you’ll have the chance to learn how to wield your lightsaber and defend yourself from enemy forces in Basic and Advanced training challenges. These challenges range from attacking, blocking, reflecting and deflecting, parrying, and even evading enemy attacks.
  • If you’re looking to regain your Force meter more quickly, try performing the Advanced Evade technique that sees you evading enemy attacks right before they land to regain a small amount of Force (used by pressing the dodge button at the last moment without moving away). This is extremely helpful in encounters that have you facing multiple enemies at once — especially those that are considered quite challenging, as you’ll be able to build your Force meter much quicker. You’ll know if you’re successful in performing an Advanced Evade, as Cal will dodge the attack in slow motion.
  • It’s unlikely that you won’t know that you’re on low health, as the health bar isn’t particularly hidden, but another way to know if you’re in the red is to look at BD-1. The lights on the back of his head change color to match your health bar, so when his lights go red, you know that you need to heal!
  • Cal is invulnerable as he is casting his slow-time ability. This means that you can cast it without fear of being interrupted, allowing you to use the time afterward to get your bearings and reset before pressing the attack.
  • Accessing the Holomap does not pause the game, so be sure to check your surroundings before opening the map, as it’ll leave you vulnerable to all incoming damage.

Customization Tips

  • There are a lot of customization options to unlock, including clothing for Cal. Most of them you can freely swap out colors for, but if it says the color options are locked, you’ll need to find another chest holding the color mods.
  • Another fun tip to be aware of is that some of the Cal’s Beard options allow you to customize the length of the stubble, so if you want to give Cal his more clean-shaven appearance from the first game, this is how you do it.

Exploration Tips

  • Upon reaching Koboh, you’ll begin to encounter Scavenger Droids, who are described as anxious, greedy droids that often pick up and hoard any valuable materials they can get their hands on. One of these valuables is Priorite Shards, so be sure to kill these droids whenever you encounter them. Just be warned, their loot isn’t automatically picked up, so you will be required to manually search their bodies. If you have trouble sneaking up on them, you can simply approach from behind and toss your lightsaber at them!
  • Some Side Quests can be completed without returning to the quest giver; however, that won’t stop you from paying them a visit to unlock additional story dialogue. A prime example of this is seen after the completion of the ‘Find the Missing Prospectors’ Side Quest, as the Prospector that had you investigating the nearby mine will reveal her true motives when Cal explains his findings.
  • Be sure to speak to all NPCs until you’re out of options, as with some prompting and persistence, characters such as Skoova and DD-EC will provide a Databank entry for your efforts.
  • Before leaving Koboh, we recommend collecting a total of 10 Datadiscs. This will allow you to purchase an additional Perk slot upgrade from Zee’s Datadisc Decryption store found on the second floor of Pyloon’s Saloon. If you’re unwilling to give up all your datadiscs so soon, you can also check the perks she sells. One of her Perks, Wisdom, increases the amount of XP gained by defeating enemies, which will really add up in the long run and help unlock new Skills faster.
  • At numerous points throughout the game, Cal will have the opportunity to use Jedi Mind Tricks on people to persuade them and change what they’re doing. You’re usually presented with a choice as to what to tell the person, but this choice doesn’t affect the outcome of the conversation, so don’t be scared to choose the option you want to pick most.
  • While Enemy Databank entries might seem like a novelty at first glance, they do, in fact, serve a purpose beyond just providing some helpful tips, as each enemy you scan will automatically become unlocked for a tactical tabletop mini-game that is added to the second floor of the Saloon after completing the Odd Pair Rumor. This mini-game will have you pitting your unlocked troops against competitors from around the Saloon that will reward you with unique material colors, treasures, and more should you beat them. So, without enemy data scans, your arsenal of troops will be bare, and it’ll be virtually impossible to win many of the challenges.
  • There’s more to Rumors than meets the eye, as unlike traditional Side Quests, most Rumors will simply complete after they lead you to places that need to be explored. It’ll then be up to you to explore these areas further to undercover their rewards, which usually include Cosmetics, Force Echoes, Perks, Treasures, and much more.
  • It’s never explicitly explained when or how you’ll unlock new abilities that can help you open those annoying blocked paths you’ll frequently encounter. Thankfully, without delving too much into spoiler territory, we can confirm that all Abilities used to unblock these paths are unlocked solely through main story progress.

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