STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic – How to Find Mission’s Brother Griff

Mission’s Brother Griff

A side quest in the game reunites Mission with her brother, but is very easy to miss out on. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Talk to Mission throughout your time with her on Taris, and she will eventually open up about her brother, Griff
  2. Once you get to Dantooine, take Mission with you onto the planet. A girl named Lena, Griff’s old girlfriend, will approach you and tell you that Griff is on Tatooine, working for the Czerka mining corporation. (Note: This conversation can also be triggered on Kashyyyk on the Czerka Landing Port or on Korriban at Dreshdae)
  3. Speak to Mission after the conversation. She will tell you that she wants to go to Tatooine and speak with the Czerka mining rep about her brother’s whereabouts.
  4. Go to Tatooine and speak with the Czerka rep inside the Hunting Lodge in Anchorhead about Griff. Take Mission with you. Once you talk to the Czerka rep, you’ll receive an updated journal entry about his location, revealing Griff’s being held prisoner in the Sand People Enclave.
  5. Wear Sand People robes as disguises inside the base. You should get them by looting the Sand People who ambush you by the Sandcrawler. If they don’t drop the robes, take out the SP by the entrance of their Enclave and they’ll drop some.
  6. Go to the SP Enclave with your robes equipped. You’ll find Griff in there. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you to meet him at the Czerka Office.

From there, you can continue the rest of the quest. It’s a good idea to have Mission with you for all of this. A common mistake many people make, myself included, is going to the Sand People Enclave and wiping out everyone, before talking to the Czerka rep about Griff. If you do this, he won’t be there and the quest will be impossible to complete. This guide was made to help people try to avoid that.

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