Starbound – How to Farm Pixles

Pixel farming method that results in 10,000 pixels about every 15 minutes.

Hot to Farm: Process

To begin farming pixels you will need at least 200,000 pixels to invest in elemental Fluffalos.

Don’t worry you will make it back very quickly.

After purchasing 20 of each elemental Fluffalo egg, hatch all the eggs in a safe place. The resulting herd will produce 20 each of the elemental items. These items can be exchanged at Treasured Trophies (unlocked after defeating Asra Nox) for 20 Perfectly Generic Item.

Using the 20 Perfectly Generic Item, make a pair of Perfect Trousers. Perfect Trousers sell for 10,000 pixels each. About 13 times the amount you would get from selling the raw materials.

With the pixels gained you can buy more Fluffalos to speed this up even more.

Repeat this process as long as you like to gain more pixels.

Created by Nebula_Bebula

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