Starbound – How to Move Pesky Farm Entities

The title basically says it.

The Relocator is a Saint

If you don’t know what the relocator is, it’s basically just that. I suggest pressing your ‘/’ key and then typing “/admin” for the rest of the guide.

You will need an ‘Inventor’s Table’ for this, and it must be fully upgraded. This is where ‘/admin’ comes into play. You may need to scroll down in the menu, but once you have found the ‘Foraging Table’, click on that, and craft it. No need to worry, you can craft things without the materials now that you’re in ‘/admin’. Upgrade the ‘Foraging Table’, and you may have to scroll through the menu to find the ‘Relocator’. Get one and you’re good to go.

Moving Said Entities

Now that you have the ‘Relocator’, this part is easy. You will need to put it in a hotbar slot, so you can use it. To pick up an entity, you need to hover your cursor over said entity, and press right-click. To “place” the entity, you simply just press left-click at the desired location. By the way, don’t forget to retype ‘/admin’, unless you want to keep exploring things.

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