Stardew Valley – How to Easily Get Fector’s Challenge (With Glitches)

A simple trick to get Fector’s challenge (the hardest achievement) with no difficulty.

The Trick

Recommended (but not necessary):

  • Either a prarie king arcade system or Keys to the town

What makes getting the achievement so hard is that you are forced to restart your entire run because of one death. This trick will allow you to set “checkpoints” for yourself, that allows you to go back to after dying, so you don’t have to reset.

You have probably seen the “Continue Journey” button that appears after interacting with the arcade system after exiting out of a previous run. The way this feature works is that it will return you to the start of the furthest stage you have gotten to. The previous method in the original guide used this to “reset” the level you were on, if you die. However, you will see now that you will not gain back the lives you have lost by reseting.

However, your journey’s progress, along with most things, only saves when you sleep. Lets say you beat 1-1, deathless. You now want to hit escape, exiting you out of the game. Make your way to your farm, and go to sleep. Your progress in the journey has been saved. Now, in the next day, countinue the journey. However, this time, lets say you die on 1-2. Without sleeping, exit to title and re-enter your save file. Since you exited without sleeping, your death in prarie king was not saved. You can countinue from 1-2, still deathless. Every time you beat a stage deathless, make sure to sleep to give yourself a “checkpoint”. The reason why Keys to the town or prarie king arcade system is recommended is so you don’t have to be constantly waiting until noon for the saloon to open.

So there you go. Make sure to do this as quick as possible before it gets patched, and good luck!

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