Stardew Valley – Tips Before You Started

New Players Tips

If you have trouble to organise things, this game will learn you that. Slowly, calmly.

I was always in panic when i played it but i learned how to organize my thoughts because so many things i wanted to do and have to do.

Like you could see in comment section this organisation exercise can help if you have anxiety and stress and it’s not a joke.

Slow down! Do things step by step!

Breathe and go 1 task at a time. It will become more easy everytime you will back.

It’s better to play it alone in that case.

If you’re not in that case: just play with friends. Go spam! Let the game surprise you!

If you don’t care there are 2 tips:

  • If you make a female character your dad will send you 500g (not sure when) which is super usefull for the early game to buy more seed but be carefull that mean spend more time to watering).
  • Focus “Quality sprinkler” for your vegetable garden (you will have to focus mining but start by fishing little bit at the beginning and sell your fishes to have a vegetable garden) after that the game will be smooth because you will no need to watering your vegetable garden, it will be autonomous.
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