Starfield – Cleanly Upgrade The Powers (Space Magic) with Console Commands

So, you want to do the NG10+ runs to max out your character, but you don’t feel like doing the temple minigame an extra 218 times? Thankfully, console commands are here to help you!

How to Upgrade The Powers

Note: Credit goes to Gaeus

So, you wanna be a Jedi?

I have not tried theses console commands on a “pre space magic” character, I recommand doing at least a temple run in your original universe before using this guide!

Wait, why not use “PSB” instead?

I’m aware that you can just hit “psb” to unlock the powers, but it effectively unlock ALL the spells in the game, some of which are not meant for the player character. (and no, theses spells are not usable, so you’re modifying your character in a way that is not meant to be without any benefit…)

As such, using the method in this guide will not only guarantee that you’ll unlock only the “normal” spells, it will also make it as if you had unlocked them in temples.

Well, I’m just here to unlock that one Power the game doesn’t give me a temple location for…

At least two powers are locked behind quest, one for Barret (he will give the quest if his affinity is high enough) and the other one is tied to… let’s say a temple is involved in the final main quest.

So, let’s do console magic to get space magic!

First off, you’ll need to go the New Atlantis ship technician, as the commands I’m about to give will make him “grant” you space magic or upgrade thoses powers.

When in proximity to him type the following lines (you can C/C them) into the console to upgrade the spell.

Exemple if you want to upgrade Moon Form, you should C/C into the console command the following line: 0025e158.cast 0025E163 player right.

Console Commands

  • Moon Form = 0025e158.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Precognition = 0025e153.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Reactive Shield = 0025e152.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Sense Star Stuff = 0025e151.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Solar Flare = 0025e150.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Sunless Space = 0025e14f.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Parallel Self = 0025e157.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Particle Beam = 0025e156.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Anti-Gravity Field = 0005c81d.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Vacuum = 0025E162.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Elemental Pull = 0025E15F.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Alien Reanimation = 0025E164.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Eternal Harvest = 0025E15E.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Grav Dash = 0025e15d.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Gravity Wave = 0025e15c.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Gravity Well = 0025e15b.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Inner Demon = 0025e15a.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Creators’ Peace = 0025E161.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Earthbound = 0025E160.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Life Forced = 0025e159.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Personal Atmosphere = 0025e155.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Phased Time = 0025e154.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Supernova = 0025e14e.cast 0025E163 player right
  • Void Form = 0025e14d.cast 0025E163 player right

Have fun and fly safe!

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