Starship Troopers: Extermination – ARC Strategy Guide (Hard Difficulty)

ARC hard missions are basically impossible to clear if you play without any measures, unlike normal missions. Therefore, I devised a strategy to train my army and exterminate the insects that stand in my way.

Guide to ARC Strategy

ARC Strategy of Hard Difficulty

About ARC

ARC is a strategy in which a defensive battle is held when a certain number of gas is collected, and escape after the end of the horde.

About difficulty

Hard is a mission that is extremely impossible to clear unlike normal.

The main elements are:

  • Bug attacks and physical strength increase.
  • Increased number of bugs.
  • Increase in huge bugs.


We’ll think of five things: class, weapon, utility, role on the battlefield, and horde.


When to use class-specific abilities is important. There are three classes, but the current situation is enough for defense and supporters. Assault is basically not necessary.

Defense: Siege mode allows you to maintain your front lines, so deploy during bug swarms. Other than that, basically, keep the siege mode.

Support: Instant revive is useful, but consider the long cooldown. Instant revival is important when bugs swarm.


Morita MK3 SAW: Main Weapon. This is the only choice for defense (especially in hard mode).

Since the magazine contains 150 rounds, reloading is low, and it is essential for dealing with hordes. Close, middle range.

Morita MK1 Carbine: Primary Weapon. to supporters. Valid at any distance.

TW-109: Secondary weapon. Use when the firepower is high and the main reload is not in time. Choose this for any class.


Required below.

  • First Aid: Recovery.
  • Armor Fabricator: Ammunition resupply.
  • Scan Beacon: Increased damage to enemies.

Roles on the battlefield

First, there are three main roles on the battlefield:

  • Gas: Top priority. It’s also the purpose of the mission, so it wouldn’t start without it. Secure the gas perimeter and protect the facility from bugs. After collection, return to the appropriate base and fill the facility with gas.
  • Ore: In order to maintain the base, it is necessary to collect materials together with gas. But gas is the most important.
  • Defense: Even when collecting gas and ore, bugs appear around the base, so you need a unit to secure the base.

Gas Importance

  • Gas is top priority for whatever reason. Due to the lack of gas, there are many games where the horde bugs occur endlessly and become a battle of attrition, eventually resulting in the loss of the base.

After collecting all gas

  • If the gas can be recovered to the end, save the end (meaning not to put gas in the base). The reason is that I want to collect as many ores as possible. Once the base is complete, withdraw the gas and ore recovery units and return to the base.


(Sorry if I’m wrong) Sometimes there is a horde, but on that occasion, everyone except the gas unit will be withdrawn to the base. Defend your base. The gas force will remain in place and try to secure the gas perimeter. I just believe in the efforts of the members at the far-off base.

The ratio of 16 people on the battlefield

  • Defense: 4 people
  • Ore: 6 people
  • Gas: 10 people

Regarding the composition of the number of people, it may seem that there are many gas units, but first of all, the location of the gas is often far from the base. Sometimes more than 300m away. If you die, it takes longer to move, and in fact the operation may be carried out without enough personnel.

In other words, the majority of them are around the base, and their role is to defend the base. Again, this mission is to secure gas and fill the base facility.

If you just defend your base, you will eventually lose to a horde of bugs, or you will lose the host and you will not get any rewards, either way, the strategy is a failure.

The mission itself is extremely difficult. However, just don’t lose to insects.

Pray for consideration!

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