Starship Troopers: Extermination – XP List with Tips

Simple list of the types of experience gained throughout the game.

Useful Tips and List of XP

XP Amounts

The following amounts are the same regardless of the difficulty.

Combat (Kills)

  • Drone: 1XP
  • Warrior: 1XP
  • Gunner: 5XP
  • Tiger: 50XP
  • Grenadier: 100XP


  • Paid Respects: 7XP (Interact with a fallen soldier)
  • Rearmed Ally: 20XP (Someone refilling using your Ammo Fabricator)
  • Revived Ally: 30XP


  • Trooper Extracted: 25XP (per survivor)
  • AAS Complete: 250XP
  • ARC Slam Complete: 500XP

Side Objectives

Assuming the following events will have XP bonus in future updates:

  • Retrieve Lost Resources
  • High Priority Targets (Exterminate Bugs)
  • Repair Generators

Things that don’t give XP

  • Building / Repairing / Destroying base structures
  • Carrying or depositing Gas Canisters back to base


  • Ammo Fabricators can be a great source of XP if placed strategically as each time a team member uses it, you get 20XP which can quickly stack up:
  • Place an Ammo Fabricator next to barricaded Bastions that are defending a key location. You get XP whenever they refill ammo and they help protect you and others in return.
  • Placed near key locations in general such as Refineries making it easier for defenders.
  • Place Ammo Fabricators near bunkers to help out the occupants that are defending the base. Also place where there is no Ammo in an area of defence.
  • Using the Med Bot to revive multiple downed allies at once can give a nice chunk of XP. Given the long cooldown it might be worth to hold using it until someone is seconds away from dying, in the event others go down after you’ve used it.
  • Playing on a harder difficulty doesn’t change how much XP you get, only a higher chance of spawning Tigers and Grenadiers. You can still get a nice amount playing on Easy difficulty and Tigers and Grenadiers go down quick so easy XP if you’re fast enough.
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