State of Decay 2 – Lethal Zone Tips

Tips to Defeat Hostile NPC and More (for Lethal Zone)

  • Fire/gas..! When the enemy is on Fire – they cannot shoot you! Also they cannot heal either..! Incidentally, the zombies around them that catch on fire do extra damage to them!
  • Gunslinger + rifle caliber + suppressor = game aiming for you without spawning in more zeds baby.
  • The enemy cannot injure you in your vehicle. they cannot shoot through the windshields either! you are safe from bullets. Use this to your advantage..! Take cover behind your car if you’re scared/in danger… And if things get hairy? Dip like a potato chip by slipping in through the door and driving off!
  • Certified cheese tip: First aid kits are heavy but you can still carry 8 at once even if they’re heavy. If you get shot and fall down – mash the heal button while your first aid kits are equipped. once you stand up you’ll recover all health instantly. This makes you essentially bullet proof, assuming you have enough first aid kits!
  • Do NOT use melee EVER. I have tested this – I do not believe they take melee damage? I tested this with a friend; we beat a guy’s ass for like 10 mins before giving up. so they are resilient. it has to be Bullet to the head no other way to go (but you can hit them on the floor and it actually kills quick… Still – just shoot them while they’re down!)
  • Something hard to notice – they have a ‘standing up’ animation whenever they revive. They have ~5 secs of i-frames (you do too; this is why first aid kits make you invulnerable and able to heal). Do not waste ammunition when they are in the ‘standing up’ animation. It doesn’t seem to hurt. Just line up the shot to when they are standing!
  • The ai is REALLY dopey. Use your brain! exploit it! one trick I love to do is funnel the enemy through a closed door. once they open I MAGDUMP through the tight door way and the bodies pile up before they can react!
  • Stealth is worthless they can see you no matter what. so don’t try sneaking up on them.
  • Zeds prioritize you over them for some reason! I don’t know why – they just do. Consider this with your approach (unless you have scentblocker or zedbait).
  • Consider bringing a ‘follower’ from a dopey friendly/allied enclave. They will draw enemy fire and enemy zombies which gives you more breathing room and consequently more time to line up a headshot!
  • .50 caliber instant kills headshots. Use this with gunslinger if you want to just rush in and clean house pip pap bam – but make sure to have the means to make a speedy get away from the noise left after!
  • Always aim for the head – bodyshots hurt don’t get me wrong but they are a lot less spongy. It is goofy to have to shoot a guy 3 times in the head but if you bring a rifle caliber coupled with a suppressor, you can usually use full auto or burst to mow them down after stunning with fire/gas safely. Just watch your back in case a zed tries to bite your back!
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