Steam – What are Steam Points and How it Works?

What are Steam Points and How it Works?

The Steam Points system was created to reward users who bought things on the Steam platform. Users who make a purchase on Steam are given points, which can later be redeemed for various cosmetics or awards. This article can educate many users who are unfamiliar with Steam Points. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Steam Points.

What are Steam Points?

All users who make a purchase on the Steam Store or in-game receive Steam Points. Games, DLC, applications, hardware, in-game items, and soundtracks can all be purchased on Steam. You can now get the item you wanted plus the additional Steam Points. When you buy a game or an item, Steam Points will be added to your account. In the Points Shop, you can check your balance. Points will be deducted from your balance if you refund a game. If your Steam Points balance falls below zero, Steam will remove the most recent Steam Points-purchased items and awards.

How to Earn Steam Points?

As previously stated, Steam Points can be earned by purchasing items on Steam. If you purchase something from the Steam Market, you will not receive any points. You will receive 100 Steam Points for every $1.00 USD spent on items/games.

However, you can earn Steam Points in a variety of ways. Earning points through the Awards is the other option. You can simply give someone an award, and they will receive 1/3 of the award. The awards can be given via a profile, a comment, or a screenshot/artwork. It’s a little like the Reddit awards.

Note: Games or items purchased with a discount will only give you points equal to the amount of the discount, not the full amount.

How to Use Steam Points?

On Steam, there is a Point Shop where you can purchase various cosmetics for your Steam Profile. The Point Shop can be found on the Store page or in the Store context menu. Emoticons, Profile Backgrounds, Avatars, Mini Backgrounds, and many other items can be purchased with Steam Points. There are both static and animated cosmetics that can enhance the appearance of your profile. You can also give other Steam users Steam Points. Steam Points can be given in a variety of ways. You can award a user’s profile, user reviews, Workshop items, guides, screenshots, and other items with an award.

Each item in the Point Shop has a unique price. Every year, Steam updates the Point Shop with new items. Here are some of the items’ prices:

  • Game Profile: 10,000 Points
  • Profile Showcase Upgrade: 6,000/3,000 Points
  • Seasonal Profile: 5,000 Points
  • Animated Avatar: 3,000 Points
  • Avatar Frame: 2,000 Points
  • Animated Background Profile: 2,000 Points
  • Mini-Profile Background: 2,000 Points
  • Chat Effect: 1,500
  • Animated Sticker: 1,000 Points
  • Seasonal Badge: 1,000 Points per level (20 levels every season)
  • Still Profile Background: 500 Points
  • Emoticon: 100 Points

The Seasonal Profile is available for purchase for a period of 30 days, after which it will expire. Every season will have a unique theme, and the seasonal profile will change to reflect this. Season badges work in the same way that game badges do on Steam Profile. It allows you to level up your Steam profile by gaining experience.

All other items will remain in the account inventory and can be used at any time by users. The items in the Point Shop, on the other hand, are not tradeable or marketable.

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