Stitched – Achievements Related to Different Endings

A simple guide consolidating information on all 6 achievements that require you to complete the game in a specific way. It assumes that the reader doesn’t mind spoilers. This guide is currently a subject to change and pointing out any inconsistencies or mistakes is welcome.

A Little Secret

“The bad ending”.

This is the first ending that one can get. It requires you to collect 20 thread spools and give them to Fio (in exchange for different kinds of pills). Once he receives enough, he will enter a room that he was just standing in front of. Simply follow him there and after the first cutscene, proceed to re-enter the room.

The thread spools aren’t particularly difficult to find. I believe some of them are missable, but there are more than 20 scattered around the factory for you to find and as long as you keep an eye out for them and simply explore all the rooms you can enter, there shouldn’t be a problem in finding the required amount. You are free to explore the entire building up until the point of no return (Catherine interacting with the main entrance while having the last key in her inventory).

Important note!

It is advisable to meet the requirements (collecting and giving the thread spools to Fio) of this ending even if you are not interested in getting it, as it will be necessary in receiving other endings.

The Nightmare Ends

“The secret ending”.

This ending requires you to collect 2 name tags as Catherine:

  • Amethyst name tag, which can be obtained in the prison area (the specific room which contains the tag will require a story-related item: the crescent key)
  • Emerald name tag, which can be obtained from a room on the 3rd floor (this one will require another story-related key: the golden key)

Once you get to the point of playing as Agnes, 2 additional items must be collected:

  • Ruby name tag, which serves as a reward for completing the “Red Beauty” sliding puzzle – it’s inside the safe
  • Emergency switch, which you can find in the previously unavailable part of the room, where you find Mr. Stockholmes’ body; it’s inside a drawer – the combination is 5040

Apart from collecting these 4 items, Agnes must see Catherine as an ally, rather than question her mental state and intentions. This is reflected by the heart visible in the upper right corner when you play as Agnes. Heart that is mostly red means that Agnes will care about Catherine in the final confrontation. To ensure that, you will have to interact with a few items and choose the right options. There are enough interactions for you to turn an almost completely purple heart into a red one, if you had failed to help Agnes out as Catherine during the bear chase scene, therefore only the Agnes section matters for this.

If all these requirements are met, proceed to go downstairs as Agnes.

A Fitting End

“The good ending”.

This ending requires the most conditions to be met. It is basically an amalgamation of the things you have to do in order to obtain the previous two endings. Those are:

  • Collecting 20 thread spools and giving them to Fio as Catherine
  • Collecting amethyst and emerald name tags as Catherine
  • Collecting the ruby name tag and the emergency switch as Agnes
  • Agnes’ heart must be mostly red

However, before proceeding downstairs as Agnes, you must enter the library (room located to the west of the staircase). Talk to Fio here – he will request one final thread spool and a backpack. Both items can be found in the eastern section of the 4th floor and can be collected prior to talking to Fio. Once Agnes possesses the items in her inventory, talk twice (so that he leaves the library to “pack”). Continue the rest of the game as usual.

Fleeting Hope

“The 2nd alternate ending”.

The requirements for this are almost exactly the same as for “the good ending”. The only difference is that you cannot collect all the items necessary for Agnes to deactivate the bear (either of the name tags or the emergency switch – doesn’t matter).

All Is Lost

“The 1st alternate ending”.

This one is like the other alternate ending (Agnes’ heart is mostly red and you are missing one of the name tags or the emergency switch) with the exception being that it doesn’t involve interacting with Fio at all. Either don’t collect 20 thread spools or don’t interact with him in the library as Agnes.

The Truth Revealed

“The true ending”.

The only condition you need to meet in order to get this ending is to have Agnes’ heart colored mostly in purple (Agnes doesn’t trust Catherine and sees her as a threat). Nothing else matters.

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