StoneDeep – Starting Colony

So you started the game but are having trouble starting. What to do after the tutorial? Here are some basic tips and essential buildings.


So you finished the tutorial and are confused where to go from here.
This is the order of things to do.

  • 1) Create a tavern. Pay attention to the radius of the tavern as it will affect your dwarves houses.
  • 2) Create enough houses. Plan ahead, and have at least 1 house above current amount of dwarves. Unhoused dwarves means no way for them to recover energie, meaning it will also affect their happiness.
  • 3) Mushroom Farm. A general tip is to create a mushroom farm with at least a 2nd row dug out underneath to maximize mushroom production. use ladders to make it accessible. You will need roughly 2 farms to sustain beginning colonly.
  • 4) Honeymill. Create one by a waterfall if possible. The water production bonus is underneath on the right side square of your building.
  • 5) Brewery. Needed to turn your honey into brew. each brew will turn into 10 beer.
  • 6) Disheltered building. Needed to kill rats that spread disease and restock your firebins.
  • 7) Depot. Creating a depot with your mushroom farm/honeymill/Brewery close together makes it easy for dwarves to depot and withdraw items instead of them taking the products to above ground storage.
  • 8) Forge. Soon you will be preparing for waves and fighting creatures from dungeons. Broken weapons means losing out on 30+ damage in fights.


Firebins effective area seem to be roughly 3 houses worth of space. Houses count as light so there isn’t a need for a firebin in residential area. You will know since the lights in houses are on.

Currently there is a bug where production buildings will stop transporting their products and must be unassigned/reassigned to fix.

While stone and ore mines do benefit from surrounding stone/ore, it is NOT required to excavate the material and can be placed anywhere.

Have at least 2 workers free , workers will take your products from production facilities to the nearest depot. Remember that dwarves only have 20 inventory slots at start, so despite you having 75/80 mushrooms at your mushroom farm, a single worker will only take 20 at a time and will most likely move onto the next task rather than coming to pick up the next batch, which in turn will cause a slowing in beer production and leading to dark dwarves. the more free workers you have the better the circulation of goods.

Created by Clownpiece

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