Stoneshard – Experience Buff Up (Cheat)

Do you feel like it takes WAY to long to gain experience? Here are the instructions for the current version of the game to increase the yields per enemy.


In the current version (0.5.718) of the game, it can take a lot of effort to gain experience to then get new skill and attribute points. This is a hack that will increase the experience gained per enemy in the game.

You will just need to edit the file in the “steam/steamapps/common/assets” folder named “enemy_balance.csv” file. I recommend using a text editor that is used for editing code like or Visual Studio Code. You could use a spreadsheet editor also, but risk formatting issues. The part of the file where the experience points are set is the 12th entry on the line that is delimited by a “;”. For the most part in the file, you will find a 3 or 4 digit number followed by ;; and the next number is the XP value.

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