Stoneshard – How to Geomancy

Learn the strategy of exploiting geomancy. From lv.1 rooky to lv.20 chad.


  • Made for beta
  • But should work for all version of the game.


To start you have to play as Jonna.

Learn the following spells:

  • Runic Bolder from Geomancy
  • Fire Barrage from Pyromancy

Main Strategy

  • Lead your target to a 1 wide gap.
  • Wait for target to be one tile before the gap.
  • Cast Fire Barrage in front of the target.
  • The target will walk into the fire in the ground.
  • Cast Runic Bolder in front of the target.
  • Wait for target to die.

If they don’t die, you can cast another Runic Bolder and start from step 1.

If they start to run away, you can right-click the bolder and destroy it to hunt them down.


  • Runic Bolder applies knockback with a certainty of 99%. If a target gets knockback into a solid obstacle or an entity, they will receive additional damage.
  • The Stone Armor spell is useless for a ranged builds.
Created by SEMICOLON

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