Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Make Destructible Buildings

This is a guide that teaches you how to make your own fantastic destructible buildings in Stormworks!


Now, we all love destructible buildings, don’t we? Or at least I’m assuming you do if your reading this. Unfortunatly, Stormworks does not have any built-in physical destrution. You can only scratch things up, but that isn’t good enough for us. We need tower collapses. Building explosions. Bridge splittings.

We want real destruction!

How to Make

To make a destructible tower, first I would suggest finding the oil rig base for the biggest building area. There are two styles of destructible building: Thingymuhbob’s style, and my style.

Thingymuhbob’s Style:

This style makes the buildings more destructible, but not as stable. I would suggest a max of 6 floors. I don’t know how Thingymuhbob made his tower 8 floors though lol. You should ask him.

Step 1

Go to oil rig workbench and create a new vehicle. Make a base with 2×2 1 blocks deep holes at an interval of however many blocks you like. Make sure these.

Step 2

Build a set of pillars, walls, and floors, that all fit together. The pillars should be 2×2, and one block taller than the walls, and the floors should be 2 blocks thick, with the top corner blocks taken out so the bottoms of the pillars will fit in. When making pillars, I would suggest giving them indents, and giving the walls some blocks that would fit in to those indents so when you’re putting all the pieces down they interlock. Tip: Use weight blocks for the pillars so players can’t just knock over a pillar and the whole tower collapses!

Step 3

Go to the selection tool at the top of your screen, then move and resize it to fit a piece, then cut it, and save it as a new vehicle. Make sure you name the piece respectively like “Center Pillar” or “Floor Section” or “Wall Section”. Add a staircase coming out the bottom of a floor piece and save that, so you can have stairs. Then press “Clear content” and select the next piece. Repeat for all pieces. WARNING: Make sure you select only one piece at a time.

Step 4

In the selection tool, press “Load Vehicle” and load a piece. Then paste those pieces where they belong on your tower.

My Style:

My style is similar, but the pillars are part of the floor above. It’s way more stable and allows for taller buildings

Step 1

Create a base, make sure it is evenly distributed into squares of your chosen size.

Step 2

Create a square (Make sure it can be evenly distributed among the base) and add 4 one block thick pillars to each side (Again, I would suggest making them out of weight blocks). This is your base piece, that belongs in the middle of your building. Use the selection tool to save this. Now, add a wall in one side, and save that. Then, add another wall, to make a corner and save that. Also don’t forget to add a staircase and save that.

Step 3

Now paste the pieces where they belong, and add a door to one of the walls, and you’re done!

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