Stormworks: Build and Rescue – Kestral TP 100

Checklists and other stuff for the Kestral TP 100.


START UP Check-List:

– Enable ALL electrics in side wall breakers panel
* Check all lights except engine are off in alerts panel
* If master alert beeping hit the button under the flashing red light to stop the sound

– If battery under 80% battery/electrics alert will be on; Enable APU in overhead panel and wait for the alert to shut down
* If APU light blinking twice and then stopping check APU fuel

– Enable NAV lights

– Set pilot camera to top camera and check surroundings for safe engine startup

– Enable both generators in overhead panel and setup in HIGH

– Throttle to 40% and engage compressor 1 in front panel

– Wait for the RPS gauge of engine 1 to go over 1.30 rps and DISENGAGE compressor 1
– Check in pilot camera or outside view that left propeller is turning
– Check in overhead panel that Generator 1 output is greater than 0

– Engage compressor 2 in front panel and wait for engine 2 RPS to be over 1.20
– Check propeller 2 is turning and RPS steady or increasing
– Check generator 2 output is greater than 0

– Disable APU if still enabled and set generator in LOW for less fuel consumption.
* Deppending on the use of hydraulics you may get a battery alert, usually right after landing when throttled down and generators almost idling, I set then in high while taxiing to keep your battery charged for next fly.

– Disengage compressor 2


Other Stuff


Set Throttle to 10-15% and propellers to 1 to taxi.
* AD for turning the front wheels 1 to toggle brakes, you can brake when throttled.

For Take-Off

Set Throttle 50%, propellers to 1 and wait for lift, then gear UP.

For Landing

Throttle 40% and enable landing flaps (actually more like spoilers). I recommend using pitch director and joystick centered, that will zero your VSpeed then use WS to control descent.

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