Stranded: Alien Dawn – Beginner Questions

Beginner Questions

1) Any advice on how to efficiently observe “flying lizard”? My survivors keep chasing them, and never seem to succeed.

  • It just works eventually, some get to far away or die eventually so you get another chance.

2) Is there any way to cancel the “observe” order on flying lizards? Right-clicking it doesn’t give a cancel option.

  • Click on the animal again and click on where you chose observe to cancel it. You do have to find the exact animal so lets say it’s a herd you need the glowing one.

3) What’s the best arguments for doing melee combat instead of ranged? So far it just seems more risky.

  • None, just some weapons have a minimum distance and then you either have a melee weapon or you need to run away

4) Is there any difference between “landing pod” and “spaceship debris” in terms of resources? Both provide scrap metal & electronics?

  • I can’t tell what the difference is but some seem to give more gear like guns while others give more materials like synthetic fibers. Which one gives which I couldn’t say.

5) What’s the purpose of the “spaceship deconstruction” tech? I haven’t found any I can’t deconstruct without the tech.

  • It allows you to fully disassemble them, I can’t do that without the tech.

6) How do I obtain grain?

  • Plant grain grass or graincob, or harvest them in the wild.

7) Should I go for 2 male & 2 female survivors for breeding purposes?

  • As far as I know there’s no children in the game, yet.

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