Streets of Rage 4 – Perfect Easily Achieved with Blaze

This is a guide to obtain this achievement in the lamest way possible, abusing Blaze’s Kikou Shou and in Easy difficulty.

How To

  • Start Story mode (Stage 1).
  • Pick Easy.
  • Pick Blaze.
  • Restart the stage with all the assists as we want the extra two stars.
  • Use and abuse your Kikou Shou (Forward Special -> Directional to either side and special button) and other specials to get through the stage. You should be able to recharge your HP with HP items alone. Stay safe and don’t risk getting hit for points or health, your only objective is getting the achievement.
  • Try to get a measure of the massive range of Kikou Shou before you reach the stage boss.
  • Make sure to get the star from the car.
  • The star in the rail yard can be picked up easily but if you are not that confident it is not necessary.
  • OPTIONAL: Once you are in the rail yard there are two pipes. You can get some easy hits on Diva throwing it at her were you to carry one to the boss section.
  • Proceed to the boss room and go to the lower left side of it to pick the star inside the box. If you don’t want to do it right at the start you can do it after your first attack.
  • Keep Diva in check by using Kikou Shou the moment she enters your range.
  • When Diva enters in phase 2 by electrifying a huge chunk of the floor get to the right side of the screen.
  • Keep Diva and her minions in check with Kikou Shou and the the stars. Don’t hold back and you should be done unscathed in no time.

Congrats, you have now one of the most annoying achievements.

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