Stronghold Crusader 2 – Best Way to Fight for Endless Games

Some wars never end, in this guide I’ll explain you how to end this kind of games so you can win the game.

Best Way to Fight for Endless Games

This is How You Do It

Remember that there is no need to innocents blood be spilled, so many lives will taken and many children become orphans. that’s evil.

What should you do as a “giga chad” lord? stop hiding in your castle and go challenge your opponent’s king to a duel!

Find a plain field and circle your soldiers around the arena to watch this bravely fight, same for your opponent.

Send your lord with a horse in the middle and wait for enemy, at this moment two scenarios awaits you:

  1. Your opponent will accept the duel and come for you, a prideful fight will happen and winner survives.
  2. your unga bunga opponent have no idea what the duel is, so he will attack you with his whole army. at this moment take out your sword and wait for them just like how john snow did!
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