Subnautica – Dealing with Reapers

The Reaper Leviathan is an extremely dangerous beast to the unwary survivor, but this guide will teach you how to outplay and outrun this deadly foe.

Warning: Spoilers!

This guide contains information that is intended by the developers to be discovered independently. Read on at your own risk…


Let’s paint a picture. You’ve been stranded on 4546B for a while now. You have basic tools and supplies, but you dream of a larger base somewhere other than the Safe Shallows. With your trusty Seaglide, you load your inventory with water and cooked Peepers and venture off into the unknown to explore. After a while, you notice that the water is getting deeper, and the sight of small fauna is becoming more and more rare. You press on, thirsty for adventure. An island, previously obscured by fog makes its appearance. Unaware that an apex predator has already identified you as it’s next meal, you begin to approach the strange landmass. Then you hear it. A loud and fearsome roar that would make a viking war cry sound like a feeble effort. The Reaper has poor vision, but it needs no eyes to see your every move. With it’s keen echolocation, the Reaper Leviathan can identify prey from over a kilometer away. You panic and turn back for the safety of your lifepod, but it is hundreds of meters away. The roars come closer, and you brace for your inevitable end. But it never comes. The titan has lost interest, and has returned to its domain. With shaking hands you climb back into your lifepod and take a minute to breathe. What the hell was that thing?

The Reaper Leviathan is an extremely dangerous beast to the unwary survivor, but this guide will teach you how to outplay and outrun this deadly foe.

What is a Reaper Leviathan?

The Reaper Leviathan is a large and hostile predator, measuring 55 meters. It’s slim and muscular body cuts through the water at incredible speed. It has an extremely sensitive lateral line which enables it to detect prey when it roars via echolocation. It’s head has a horn for ramming prey, and mandibles on each side of its face, ending in four claws. The four eyes are largely useless, and the body is adorned with scars from previous battles with prey.

Offensive Strategies

Since real offensive weapons are not an option due to the massacre on Obraxis Prime, your only way of dealing melee damage is with a survival knife or a thermoblade. Vortex and gas torpedoes can be fired from the Seamoth or the PRAWN suit, but these options are expensive to implement. Should you wish to kill a Reaper Leviathan, this is the easiest way.

The ‘Pop and Glock’ (Inspired by Ship MasterTV)

See it in action at 2:42

This strategy works as an offensive or a defensive move. If you are going along in your Seamoth or PRAWN and encounter a Reaper Leviathan, simply exit the vehicle and equip your Stasis Rifle. Fire at the Reaper’s face, as this is where it’s hitbox is. Once it is hit, you can swim up to its face and use your knife to deal damage. Once the stasis effect begins to wear off, use the rifle to fire another shot at its face, and then move in to deal more damage. This is the safest option and the most effective. Simply repeat until it dies.

Defensive Strategies

When defending against a Reaper Leviathan, there are a few scenarios to consider. You may be in your Seamoth, PRAWN, Cyclops, or you may be on your own with no vehicle. Following are what to do in each of these situations.

Seamoth: Use the ‘Pop and Glock’ method to escape. Once the Reaper is trapped in stasis, drive like hell and get out of there. If you do not have the Stasis Rifle, the only option is to run away. As soon as you hear it, turn tail and GTFO. You may be advanced to such a point that you have the resources to craft a Perimeter Defense System. This module is perfect for warding off Reapers. IF you get grabbed, just use the system and it will release you. You can basically ignore Reapers, using the Perimeter Defense System when needed. Keep your repair tool handy, as the Reaper will deal a small amount of damage to your Seamoth during the time it takes to react and stun it. You can hold the button to use the system to give a more powerful shock, allowing you to get a bigger head start against the Reaper should it pursue you. Keep in mind that ‘cooking’ the charge allows the Reaper to damage your Seamoth in the meantime.

PRAWN: If grabbed, you can just wait it out, as the Reaper will only deal about 15-25% damage due to the PRAWN’s robust design. Once released, use the ‘Pop and Glock’ method to escape. You can alternatively ‘Pop and Glock’ while the Reaper holds your suit, as it will not target you until it lets go.

Crazy Ass PRAWN Strategy (Not Recommended): Feeling invincible? Use the grapple arm on the Reaper’s face to get around the map. I’ve never done this, so do tell me how it goes in the comments.

Cyclops: Since the Cyclops is slow, decoys are the best way to escape. When you encounter a Reaper Leviathan, deploy a decoy and drive away. The Reaper will attack the decoy until it is destroyed, giving you ample time to take your leave. If you don’t have torpedoes, you are in a bit of a tight spot. I’m not really sure what to recommend other than getting out and using a Stasis Rifle on the Reaper. Your Cyclops is tough, so you should have time to do this. Once it is stunned, swim like heck.

No Vehicle: Just use the ‘Pop and Glock’ method, except without the Pop. Fire your Stasis Rifle and swim away. If you don’t have a Stasis Rifle, use your Seaglide and try to outrun it. This is unlikely, but you might get lucky. If you don’t have either a Stasis Rifle or a Seaglide, You’re pretty much [censored].

Losing a Seamoth

It is often sad to see a beloved Seamoth fall to a Reaper’s claws, but you must remain vigilant in order to avoid the same fate. There is one precaution you can take to give your Seamoth the best chance of survival: Using the [censored] Repair Tool. Repair damage and keep your Seamoth at 100% health at all times. Even losing 5% can mean the difference between survival and an untimely demise for your Seamoth. If you take damage, fix it right away.

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