Subnautica – How to Get Kyanite without the Prawnsuit (Potential Spoilers)

If you don’t wanna take your Prawnsuit down to the lava zone to mine Kyanite in fear of losing the Prawnsuit, here I will tell you how to find it without having to mine it.

Guide to Get Kyanite

What You Are Going To Need

What you need

  • Seamoth (with depth Module mk3).
  • Ultra Glide Fins.
  • Ultra High Oxygen Tank.
  • Reinforced Diving Suit.
  • Seaglide.

To make it easier:

  • Bring an ion cube.
  • Bring 2 Purple Tablets.

Step #1

What your going to want to do is bring your Seamoth all the way down to the Cove Tree in the Lost River, and go as far back into the room above the lava zone entrance as you can.

Step #2

Now you are going to want to take your seaglide out and swim down through the trench until you enter a large room. Now watch out for the Large Sea Dragon Leviathan because it will kill you if it sees you. You want to look for a very large rock formation in the middle of the room:

Once you have found it, swim around it until you can find 1 of 2 entrances with two small pillars glowing green.

Step #3

Once inside there will be a small cave system, which you will find some Kyanite within, but ignore that for now, what you are going to wanna do is find the Power Plant in the middle, deepest part of the cave:

Inside here you will be able to get your oxygen back. In the large room the Power Plant is in, there will be Kyanite around the room and in the cave system. Happy Gathering!

Step #4 (Optional)

The Power Plant is a part of the main story and has some important rooms. You will need 2 Purple Tablets to access both rooms. There is also a portal to take you back up without having to swim back, but you will be leaving your Seamoth back at the Cove Tree (Which is safe).

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