Subnautica – Making Your Cyclops a Moving Base (Full Guide)

Exactly as the title says, making your cyclops a moving base!

The Basics

For starters, just a quick rundown of basic Cyclops stuff. This is going over the basic controls, materials to build, and upgrades.


  • WASD – Forward, backward, left, right
  • Space – Up
  • C – Down
  • E – Exit

Materials to Build (Raw Resources):

  • 30 titanium
  • 6 lithium
  • 3 stalker teeth
  • 6 quartz
  • 1 creepvine seed cluster
  • 2 copper
  • 3 gold
  • 2 coral samples
  • 2 silver
  • 3 lead

Upgrades to Use:

  • Depth MKIII
  • Engine Efficiency
  • Shield Generator
  • Fire Suppression
  • Decoy Module
  • Sonar

(If in the lava zones, trade out the sonar for thermal reactor.)

Storage and The other Lower Part of the Ship

For the first(and most important) part of making your cyclops into a base, you’ve got storage.

In the lower part of the cyclops where there is already storage lockers, or the first room that you see when entering, make your storage room there. Place wall lockers all over the walls, and that should be sufficient for the entire rest of your playthrough.

After you’re done with that, go past your docked vehicle and into the little ramp/room past that. This is where you’ll put your chargers, battery and power cell. Power cell chargers don’t provide any more power, but make your batteries last a good bit longer, like a hidden efficiency upgrade.

Upper Floor

In the engine room, you don’t really have to do anything here. If you want you can place your power cell chargers here, but that’s really it. In the next room, you’ve got your docked vehicle, and here is where most of your stuff is gonna be. In front of the decoy tube you have space to put plants for food and water (marblemelons, lantern fruit, and chinese potatoes work best) Still around the decoy tube, you can put extra storage here if you like, maybe a few cosmetic stuff like plants.

Go past the docked vehicle area which divides the room. and on the other side you can put most of your crafting stuff, like a fabricator or modification station(and more storage). In the small area past that, between the two bulkheads, is where you can make your living area. You can put beds, plants, coffee machine( of course), and decorations.


In the bridge, same as the small area between the bulkheads, you can mostly just customize it to your hearts desire with chairs or more plants. Maybe, if you want to, you can move your chargers from the ramp room up here, but other than that, that’s the end of this guide. Thank you for reading this, and get building!

Have fun and happy driving your new base, dave.

Charger Bases

You’re gonna run out of power on your cyclops eventually.

How about you got bases with spare power cells and chargers everywhere?

That’s what we’re doing:

  • For 1 Charger Base You Need
  • 1 Power Cell Charger
  • A couple spare power cells
  • Multipurpose room
  • Bioreactor
  • Full exterior growbed’s worth of gel sacks
  • Or, in raw materials
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