Sugar Shack – Useful Tips and Tricks

Beginners Tips

Baskets are helpful for carrying multiple items at once. You can only hold one item in your hands, but a basket can hold three stacks of up to 50 items each.

To make a basket, go to the Workbench. It will cost 10 Twigs and 3 Maple Syrup.

Baskets count as part of the Workbench and Forge shop inventory if they are on the same tile. But don’t use them for long-term storage because they can be kicked around easily.

If a basket gets kicked off the map, it will come back to your Home Tile. Use crates and barrels for permanent storage instead.

You can move items from a basket to a crate or barrel by pressing X on your Xbox controller or right-clicking. But you can’t move items to the Sales Chests.

Blue Pigs can carry baskets on their back. This is very useful because the Pig will also pick up items that match what it’s already carrying.

You’ll find Blue Pigs after playing for about 5-6 hours and buying more tiles. Go to their tile and feed the Pig a Carrot, Onion, Raspberry, and Apple. Then it will follow you.

Before you unlock the Inn, customers will only come after the 10 AM ferry and leave at 6 PM. You can sell them about 6 items per day, not counting Syrup and Aged Syrup.

You’ll make more money by serving food faster. But if you take too long, you might get negative rating points. It’s better to not serve an order than to get negative points.

Choose foods with the Heart icon because they give a 25% bonus to price and rating. The menu can hold 9 items, but there’s no benefit to this. Just serve the Heart items if you can.

Later on, the Ferry will sell you another table so you can have twice as many orders.

To make more money, you can put Maple Syrup or Aged Maple Syrup on the table’s Maple Leaf icon. I’m still testing this.

Put crates in the dining room and fill them with pre-made Juices and Wines. Unlike cooked food, they don’t go bad overnight. You can also put counters in the dining room to hold cooked food while waiting for orders.

If you work hard, you can make two entrees and two desserts from 6 AM to 10 AM. Then you’ll be ready to feed all the Ferry customers without cooking while they’re there.

Serving food isn’t the best way to make money, but it’s the only way to get rating points and unlock story and tiles.

A better way to make money is selling Maple Syrup at the Devil’s House chest for 15G each. You can also sell Apples and other fruits at Corriveau’s tile.

In the late game, selling Apples is the easiest money maker. You can harvest 37 Apples every 3 days from your trees. They sell for 10G each.

You’ll need a total of 10500G for tool upgrades and the Plaza statue, plus more for buying World Tiles.

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