Summer Catchers – Chewing Gums Locations (Detective Achievement)

This guide will help you find all 9 chewing gums to get the Detective Achievement.

Everything Below You Have to Do as a Second Player (Chu’s Brother)

  • Level 1 – Hit a hole with red eyes under the stairs of the repair shop.
  • Level 2 – Hit a stick where the own had sat after your saved it.
  • Level 3 – Hit the call board.
  • Level 4 – Hit a metal lid and then a black pipe next to the bear.
  • Level 5 – As a second player press “Use/Hit” (E for keyboard) in the Shop.
  • Level 6 – Hit AC power surge and then push a box all the way from the right side of the screen to kick it into the window next to the power surge.
  • Level 7 – Hit a sphere behind the screen on the right side.
  • Level 8 – Hit a fish which jumps out of the water.
  • Level 9 – Hit dying fish. You’ve got to be fast as it can run away (jump away) from you.
Created by Great Dragon

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