Summer in Mara – How to Sell Items to Vendors on the PC

This guide goes over how to sell items to vendors on the PC with a mouse and keyboard.

Selling Items To The Merchant / Vendor – PC with Keyboard & Mouse

Selling to vendors / merchants in Summer in Mara on a PC with a keyboard in Summer in Mara is frankly more obtuse than necessary prior to figuring it out. Once you have it figured out, like all things, it’s fine. That being said let’s get on with the how to get ‘er done and stop with the whining.

For those of you who don’t enjoy reading… here’s the video I made. Enjoy!

Get off your island to sell your oranges! Yep you need to go to Qälis or somewhere else with a vendor, so hop on your boat and paddle away.

Find a vendor (to start the ones in the market square are the most obvious choice.). If you go up from the harbor you really can’t miss it if you walk around. It’s a giant boat like building with a whale spouting water on top… a giant freaking smiling whale…. With market stalls inside. Here’s a pic just encase my description left something to the imagination. And a map with arrows using the in game map. Your goal is going to Pilly if you are viewing the map…. Though she’s not on that side of the building. Press M to get to the map.

Once you’ve picked your vendor interact with them using Q (Commerce), and you will notice that there is the ability to buy from them relatively obviously… no so much on the selling. In the picture below you can see Milly on the left and Koa on the right…. This needs to change… because reasons. Don’t even think for a SECOND those little arrows in the middle are going to help you.

To get into the seller’s position you have to LEFT CLICK the LEFT CLICK MOUSE ICON… not the arrows, not the one in the lower right.. No the one in the upper middle of the vendor book.

Once this is complete Koa should move the left hand side of the screen and the vendor you’re talking to (in this example Milly) moves to the right.

Ta freaking DA you can now sell to the vendor. YAY! To add items you simply left click on the item and ONE of your items will be added to the sell page…. I have not figured out a way to sell stacks or half stacks….. Eye twitch. BUT at least we can sell stuff! Also, as far as I can tell the ONLY way to get to the second page of your sellable items (if you have one) is with the mouse wheel. S does not work…… for reasons…..

Okay so you have all your items ready to sell. Now to actually sell them you have to left click on the sell button in the bottom right hand corner of the vendor tab. Here you can click on the mouse icon displaying the left click option OR the Sell button.

Extra Extra Read all About it!

Okay here’s another note to keep in mind when selling. Vendors have gold stars on some of their items sometimes. When you’re selling it means they are giving you more money for them than other vendors. An example of this when I checked this was Pilly had gold star resin (so tree poop), and would give me 8 coins for it. If I sold it to Milly who did not have a gold star for it I only got 5. It is worth checking the vendors to see who is going to provide the best deal. This message was brought to you by my inner greedy toad. My hoarding hamster supports her message.

So that’s it. Collect those oranges! Make your millions with shells and fish! TA DA you should now have more coins and fewer items in your inventory. Go you! Onward into the breach!

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