Summer Pockets – Gameplay Basics and FAQs

Here’s a condensed guide to help you along without the hazard of searching and potentially spoiling the amazing visual novel that is Summer Pockets.

Summer Pockets Guide

Summer Pockets is an absolutely amazing visual novel that I almost spoiled myself while looking up certain things. As such, here is spoiler-free mini guide for tips, basic gameplay info and to answer common questions.

So Many Choices

The majority of choices you encounter are “meaningless” in that they do not affect the story. These simply lead to different/funny dialogue, with a handful of ones for Islamon things, variation of CGs, and unlocking records and such for completionists.

Choices that are “meaningful” are pretty obvious when you’re pursuing a certain heroine’s route. You generally can’t go wrong by being aggressive and trying to annoy her.

Common Route / Map Screen

The common route is fairly short where you have roughly 10 days of free time (July 29th – Aug 7th) to choose from various activities:

  • Heroine portrait: event for that heroine
  • Umi portrait: become an islamon fighter (only on July 29th)
  • Tenzen portrait: play table tennis minigame
  • Islamon icon: play islamon minigame
  • (!) Secret Base: event with Tenzen and Ryouichi
  • (!) Candy Store: side events, funny dialogue
  • (!) Shrine: make offering at shrine- Islamon related

For a first playthrough, I suggest focusing on a heroine, starting Islamon on day-one so you can set out bait nightly, and fill remaining free time as you desire.

Route Order

Ao’s route offers important lore bit so her position depends on whether you want to experience piecing things together or having a better picture as you read along. Shiroha’s route leads directly into the true route so doing her’s last make sense chronologically but putting space inbetween also works. Kamome and Tsumugi kinda floats so they can go anywhere. Here are some suggestions:

  • Shiroha > Ao > Kamome > Tsumugi
  • Kamome > Tsumugi > Ao > Shiroha

I did Ao > Shiroha > Kamome > Tsumugi and it was enjoyable.


Yes. Just hit it. Starts a new route.

Islamon Battles

This is a mini-game that spans the ~10 day free time you get before going into a heroine’s route. I recommend passively progressing on this as you play through all the heroines’ routes then dedicate playthroughs to unlock locations, acquire bait, and become the very best. During battles, hold down “ctrl” to speed it up.

Note that completing the 4th heroine’s route will temporarily lock you out from starting new games until the story is completed in full.


Most are unlocked by registering a certain number of Islamon (starting at 20 and in increments of 10) in the index and having completed a certain heroine’s route. There are 10 locations in total.


Obtained through various side activities, heroine events, and defeating certain people in Isalmon battles.

Things Carried into New Games

  • Islamon index? Yes.
  • Islamon Captured? No.
  • Bait? Yes.
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