Sun Haven – Controls


At this time, controllers are not supported. Key binds can be customized at any time in the settings menu of the player inventory, or on the game’s main menu under Options.

WMoves the player upward
AMoves the player to the left
SMoves the player downward
DMoves the player to the right
SpaceCauses the player to jump
EInteract with objects, animals, and NPCs
Q, R, F, TUse assigned spell
I, TabOpens the player’s inventory
KOpens the player’s Skill Book
LOpens the player’s Quest Log
MOpens the city map
EscOpens the settings menu
Scroll WheelCycles through the player hotbar
Number keys 1-0Cycles to a specific space on the player hotbar
Left clickUse tool, move item in inventory
Right clickGrab a single item out of a stack, pick up animal
Shift + Left ClickMove item(s) from one inventory to another
Cursor PositionWhen casting, move your cursor to the direction you would like the spell to move before casting

Accessibility controls, volume and resolution controls, the ability to pause the game, along with some other options are also available in the settings portion of the player menu. Please note that mice with extra button inputs (mouse 4, mouse 5) are not able to be bound to a command. 

Created by Rosealyn

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