Sun Haven – Key Locations and NPCs (Central Part)

Central Sun Haven

Sun Haven is home to many different villagers, shops, a mine, and more. This section details those locations. Buildings typically are accessible from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

Kara & Pod’s House

Kara and Pod live in the south portion of Sun Haven, in a home with purple flowers over the door and a windmill. 

Giuseppe & Topi’s House

Giuseppe and Topi live in the south part of Sun Haven and live in the house with the rose planter by the front door. The dog house between Giuseppe’s and Kara’s homes can be repaired with twenty five (25) wood planks. 

Wornhardt’s House

Wornhardt, the city doctor, lives in the house with a medical sign next to the door. He is known for being meticulously clean; you may notice sparkles over his home. He has moved to southern Sun Haven, in the area just north of the beach. Hang right before the bridge to the beach to find his home. 

Sun Haven General Store

The Sun Haven General Store is the go-to for seeds, furniture, and some cooking items like meat and sugar. Furniture items and the two seed types for sale rotate daily. Emmett works behind the counter. Players can recognize the general store by its coin wind chime and vegetable stall. It is located north of Guiseppe’s and Kara’s homes and south of Town Hall.  The community bulletin board is right outside this building. 

There are several spots in the general store that can be repaired so more items can be sold. 

  • Small table: 10 wood planks, 1000 gold
  • Large section 1: 20 wood planks, 2000 gold
  • Large section 2: 30 wood planks, 3000 gold
  • Large section 3: 40 wood planks, 4000 gold

Catherine’s House

Catherine lives in the home with purple tulips above the door, south of Kara’s house. 

Lynn’s House

Lynn’s house can be found to the east of Catherine’s and just above the entrance to the quarry. She has a small work area with an anvil by the door. 

Scott’s Stall (Mining Merchant)

Scott’s Stall is located in the small plaza above the general store and west of the town hall, and is marked by ores and an orange cloth top. 

Rex’s Stall (Weapon Merchant)

Rex’s Stall is also located in the small plaza west of the town hall, marked with weapons and a blue cloth top. 

Sun Haven Town Hall

The Town Hall is located north of the Elios Fountain, town square, and the general store. Lucia, Bernard, and Emmett work here.


The city hospital is located south and west of the town hall, and north of the general store. When the player faints due to depleted health, they will wake up in a hospital bed at this location and see Dr. Wornhardt. Sierra and Linda work at the reception desks. 


The Sun Haven library receives a number of visitors every day, and is run by Amanda at the front desk. Jun, the city’s children, and a book lover named Eve are frequently seen here. The Library is south east of the Sun Haven town square, just before the bridge to east Sun Haven. One of the statues outside can be repaired for fifty (50) stone. 

Cynthia’s Stall

Known as the romance guide, Cynthia runs the stall with a red and gold top in the Sun Haven Town Square, east of the town hall. 

Town Square 

The Sun Haven Town Square is marked by a fountain depicting the dragon Elios, who watches over the city. The town square holds several shops, and serves as a central point in the city, with the Town Hall just north of it. 

Clothing Store

The clothing store is run by Emmett which sells clothing accessories. It is located beside the Salon just south of Rex and Scott. This shop sports a display window and a clothing sign and must be repaired for twenty five (25) wood planks, five (5) fabric, and three thousand (3000) gold. 

Item SoldCost (Coins)
Sheriff Hat (Various Colors)5000
Beret Hat (Various Colors)3000
Western Hat (Various Colors)2500
Baseball Hat (Various Colors)2500
Chef Hat (Various Colors)1800
Top Hat (Various Colors)4000
Long Tuxedo (Various Colors)4000
Long Sleeve Shirt (Various Colors)1000
Letterman Jacket (Various Colors)3000
Sailor Shirt (Various Colors)1800
Urban Stripe Shirt (Various Colors)800
Heart Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Star Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Bow Tie Shirt (Various Colors)3000
Tuxedo (Various Colors)5000
Polka Dot Shirt (Various Colors)800
Anchor Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Petal Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Fancy Vest (Various Colors)2800
Fancy Pants (Various Colors)2000
Sun Dress (Various Colors)2000
Pastel Skirt (Various Colors)1000
Generic Pants (Various Colors)800
Basic Skirt (Various Colors)600
Belted Pants (Various Colors)600
Fish Shirt (Various Colors)2000
Stitched Top (Various Colors)1800
Rapunzel Shirt (Various Colors)2200
Snowflake Shirt (Various Colors)1600
Avocado Shirt (Various Colors)1600
Striped Shirt 2 (Various Colors)800
Rapunzel Shirt (Various Colors)2200
Rapunzel Skirt (Various Colors)1200
Tuxedo Pants (Various Colors)2500
Snow Jacket (Various Colors)2200
Moon Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Rainbow Shirt (Various Colors)1200
Hoodie (Various Colors)1200
Bright Skirt (Various Colors)800
Music Note Shirt (Various Colors)1000
Muscle Shirt (Various Colors)5000
Techy Shirt (Blue)1000


The Salon is another building the player can repair in Sun Haven. Once repaired, the player can speak with Billie to change their appearance and their race. This building has a mustache on the window and a scissors sign. Repair this building for thirty (30) wood planks, ten (10) fabric, and three thousand (3000) coins.

Farming Store

To the right of the general store is the Farming Store, run by Catherine and Emmett. Higher priced seeds and tree starters can be purchased here. Players will recognize this building by the sunflowers by the door and the plant sign. 

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