Sun Haven – Key Locations and NPCs (Eastern Part)

Eastern Sun Haven

Anne’s House

Anne’s house is located in eastern Sun Haven, over the first large bridge.  She lives in the purple cart with a gold heart on the door, and her pet Duke can be seen outside. Anne sells some very expensive furniture inside. 


The Tavern is found to the east of the town square, and is run by Mari and Ronald. Several story characters, Stephen and Edwin, will appear here as patrons. The tavern is open from 8 AM to 11 PM. 

Entrance to Eastern Forest

The entrance to the Eastern Forest is marked by a small bridge and waterfall.Soldier Calvin is on guard before crossing the bridge into the forest. 

Bunny Orchard

The Bunny Orchard can be found south of Calvin’s post before the bridge. It serves as an example of how players can decorate their farm.

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