Sun Haven – Key Locations and NPCs (Forests)

The Forests Surrounding Sun Haven

Note: Credit goes to Rosealyn

Western Forest

The Western Forest is accessible via the player farm through the northwestern path. 

The first area is marked by a Snaccoon blocking a path to the north, a path north west, and a past west. An apple tree can be found here along with many forageables. Trees in this forest can be chopped for logs and other resources. 

The north western path leads to an area with Leafie enemies in three groups, along with a campfire in the north eastern corner. 

The western path leads the player to another area with Leafies and a campfire. Continue to the north west to find the exit to the next area. 

The player will encounter more Leafies and their first Centipillars in this area. Players can choose to continue west, or go north for more forging and a peach tree. Be on the look-out for places where you can jump over water or down ledges. 

If you choose to go north, make sure to take the hidden northwestern path at the top of the map. This will lead you to a new area, new boss, and the Dungeon of Trials!

Moving west, the player will find another river and trees of a strange color. Once passing over the bridge and west, we’ll be saying goodbye to Sun Haven’s West Forest!

Northern Forest

Access the Northern Forest by heading north out of Sun Haven, and past the train dragon that brought the player to Sun Haven. Note that this area is blocked by a guard and requires story progression to unlock. 

Sandstone Quarry 

The Sandstone Quarry is a mine exclusively of sandstone ore located just north of Sun Haven. It consists of two maps and has a small pond that can be fished at its most westerly end. 

Dark Forest 

After progressing past another hungry Snaccoon and a field of jumping mushrooms we approach a dangerous area known as the Dark Forest. This area has high level enemies that would be best avoided by using speed and air skip (Shadeclaw, Phantome, Rootwalker). 

Continuing through these maps and north will lead us to the fog barrier protecting another city. 

Eastern Forest 

The Eastern Forest is accessible by passing by Anne’s home and the Tavern. Continue past Calvin and over the bridge east. 

The first map has another Snaccoon to feed that blocks a path north to the Wishing Well. Be prepared to platform with air skip! 

The second map is a decent spot for fishing and continues east. 

Map three has a few Peppinch, a pond, and two exits- one to the Glorite Cave (north) and one into the Deep Wilderness (east). 

Deep Wilderness

The Deep Wilderness is home to Chimchunks, Torto, and more Peppinch and Scorpepper. This area will prove challenging to players with a low combat level- beware! Continuing east and then north through this area leads to The Ascent (desert area) which is riddled with Prickletot and Pricklepop enemies. 

Before taking on The Ascent, make sure to take the northern path to meet Clive and his taxi bird. Complete their quest A Wheely Big Problem to unlock a quick travel option to and from this area from Sun Haven. 

The Ascent and Dragon’s Meet

The Ascent is a desert-like area that leads up the mountain to Elios’ Sanctuary, called Dragon’s Meet. The Prickletot and Pricklepop enemies in this area have long range attacks and are very difficult to fight. Come prepared with high level weapons and armor! 

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