Sun Haven – Key Locations and NPCs (Western Part + Beach)

Western Sun Haven

Kitty’s House

Kitty’s house has a red heart on the door, and floor gardens out front. She sells farm animals. Her house is the first the player encounters when leaving the farm from the north exit. 

Kitty’s Animal Store

Kitty’s Animal Store can be found to the right of Kitty’s home and is run by Emmett. 

Liam’s House and The Bakery

The Bakery has a windmill and wheat field and can be found west of Kitty’s house. Jordan and Liam work downstairs in the Bakery, where Liam and his sisters (Emma and Elizabeth) live upstairs through the red door. 

Lucia’s House

Lucia’s house is decorated with red jewels and has a fire pit in the yard. The player can find her house next to the path leading to inner Sun Haven and north of Kitty’s. 

Jun’s House

Jun’s house is in the northern corner of western Sun Haven, above a small pond. 

Claude’s Mansion

When passing by Lucia’s house, if the player continues east across a bridge and then north, they will encounter Claude’s Mansion. The outside is adorned with statues of lions. 

Sun Haven Beach 

The Sun Haven Beach is made of three distinct areas: the beach on the player’s farm, Peter’s Shop, and the beach wilderness. 

Peter’s Fishing Store

Peter’s Fishing Store is located south of Sun Haven, and is run by Emmett. Players can purchase fishing rods and fishing permits here. Tonya, Rupert, and one Guard can also be found here. 

Beach Wilderness Area

This two map area is guarded by a singular guard and can be accessed by going east from Peter’s shop. Peppinch, Scorpepper, and Crab Knights and Umbrella Crabs can be found here. 

Note there is a wilderness area between the player farm and the Sun Haven beach which has Floaty Crabs and Hat Crabs. 

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