Sun Haven – NPCs Guide

Sun Haven NPCs

In this section we provide an overview of NPCs found in the Sun Haven area. Note NPCs have new dialog every two days. This two day system is called the A and B day system. 

Albert and Judith 

Albert is an elderly resident of Sun Haven. A retired military member, he now leads a quiet life among the townsfolk along with his wife Judith. He and his wife can be seen early on in the game on the train ride, seated behind the player. His house, locked to the player, is to the left of the town hall. He wears a brown vest over a blue shirt, and is balding. 

Albert is amiable towards the protagonist from the beginning, and mentions that both he and Judith were good friends with the owner of the land that the protagonist now resides on before the owner “left out of the blue about ten years ago.” Despite being retired military, Albert retains a sense of humor and sometimes offers advice to the protagonist from his own experiences.

Judith is an elderly resident of Sun Haven, and resides with her husband, Albert. She is the former courier for the town, having gladly stepped down and “passed the torch” when the time came for Tonya to take over the position. Judith has white hair and wears a blue dress with a white shawl. 

Similar to her husband, Judith is a warm and kind individual who offers advice to the player. Partially due to her former position as the town courier, she is well-liked by residents throughout the town. The residents enjoyed Judith enough that she is quoted as saying that she “never had to buy her own drink” at the tavern, since another resident always offered to buy her one. She mentions that Elios saved her from ghasts as a young girl. Note that Judith walks significantly slower than her husband. 

8:00 AM Library 
10:00 AM Leaving Library 
10:40 AMSitting on bench outside Museum 
2:30 PM Leaving Museum 
4:20 PMStanding on beach behind Peter’s Store
5:00 PMLeaving beach 
6:30 PM Sitting on bench outside Town Hall
7:30 PMGoing home for the night 

Allison (Allie)

Allison is a member of the Sun Haven’s guard. She wears armor, has sleek black hair, and carries a spear. Allison gives self-defense lessons to Amanda, the town’s Librarian. She can be found everyday at a table in the Barracks. 


Amanda is Sun Haven’s Librarian; she oversees the town’s Library. A lifelong resident of Sun Haven, she felt most at home among the books as a child, and therefore desired to become the town’s librarian from that point on. Amanda wears a red shirt and a red bow in her hair. 

Upon first meeting the player, Amanda can come off as cold and abrasive, often insulting the protagonist at their expense. She does warm up to the player as their friendship level increases. She also is friends with Catherine, as the two seem to share a similar worldview. Amanda can be found all day at the library. 


The savvy owner of Sun Haven’s Traveling Exotics Shop, Anne is focused on her success. This hard worker lives her life on a cycle of buying and selling. While not the most humanitarian person, she is reliable for a price! Her favorite food is raspberry cheesecake. Anne has purple hair and wears a black corset and pants with a fur lined cape. 

7:30 AMLeaves home 
8:50 AMGeneral Store
11:30 AMLeaves General Store 
12:30 PMMarket Stalls (Rex and Scott)
1:00 PMLeaves Market Stalls
1:40 PMRecord Store
2:00 PMLeaves Record Store
2:20 PMPet Store
3:00 PMLeaves Pet Store
4:10 PMTavern
6:30 PM Leaves to go home  


Arvel runs the Record Store in Sun Haven. He values being frugal and smart with his money, and sees Claude has his biggest customer. Arvel has brown swooping hair and wears a brown and green shirt. 


Bernard is the administrator at Sun Haven’s Town Hall. He also functions as the vendor who sells the engagement ring, needed to propose to NPCs. Bernard also aids the player in getting a divorce. He has light purple hair and a beard, and wears glasses. 

Bernard has known Lucia since she was a little girl, and he knew her grandparents well. He is happy with her work in the village and is happy to lend his assistance to her when she needs it.


Billie works at the Sun Haven Salon and helps the player change their look. She is a cheerful person who has a secret love for pizza. Billie has pink hair tied up in a red bandana and wears a white shirt. 


Calvin is a member of the Sun Haven’s guard. He can be found everyday standing guard to the east of Sun Haven, on the bridge toward the East Forest. Roza commonly complains that he dozes off during work. Calvin has medium length brown hair, wears armor and carries a spear. 


Camila is a resident of Sun Haven and is often found walking around town. She also owns a room in town which she lends out to passersby who would like a quieter place to sleep than the Tavern. Camila has medium long hair and wears a blue dress with long white sleeves and lives in the buildings north of the Record Store. 

She moved to town recently and was grateful to have found Sun Haven when she did, otherwise she was at risk of becoming homeless. She likes walking around the town and speaking with all of the guards except for Calvin, whom she views as a “downer.”

10:00 AMLeaves home 
11:10 AMFarming Store
1:00 PMLeaves Farming Store
1:30 PMLibrary
6:30 PMLeaves Library 
7:30 PMSitting on bench near Pet Store
9:00 PMLeaves for home 


Catherine is Sun Haven’s Amari witch. She owns the Farming Store where she sells rare seeds, fertilizer, and farming tools with Emmett. She also makes a number of potions and prescriptions for the town, almost acting as the town’s pharmacist, to the point that Wornhardt trusts her enough to fill medicine orders.

Catherine is outspoken about her beliefs. She thinks she keeps society grounded even if her ideas don’t match up with others. As a Sun Haven native, she’s warm, inviting, and cares deeply about the community.

Thanks to Claude, Catherine has picked up a taste in music, especially piano music. She hates it when people pull on her ears, mistaking them for being a part of her hat. She loves snacking and always makes sure to have some food on hand for a quick bite. According to Lucia, they both grew up together and are still good friends to this day.

8:00 AMLeaves home to stand in front of garden
10:00 AMLeaves garden
10:20 AMPicnic table by Clive’s Taxi
1:00 PMLeaves picnic table
1:30 PMFarming Store
4:30 PMLeaves Farming Store
5:30 PMBench by Pet Store
7:00 PM Leaves bench
8:20 PMSitting on bench outside home
9:30 PMLeaves for home 


Claude is Sun Haven’s reclusive genius. This musical composer prodigy came from another city to focus on his craft. He aims for perfection and can be sensitive about his work. Claude has blond hair and wears a white shirt under a black and red vest. 

He is the sole resident of the manor north of the Bakery and enjoys the isolation, as he sees it beneficial for his work. However, he enjoys occasionally walking into town and interacting with the other residents from time to time. Claude mentions that he really enjoys vegetable soups.

1:10 PMLeaves home
2:50 PM Standing next to the canal south of Clothing Store
4:00 PMLeaves canal 
4:40 PMRecord Store 
6:30 PM Leaves Record Store
7:40 PMTavern 
8:00 PMLeaves Tavern for home


Cynthia is the town’s matchmaker and Romance Merchant. She sells plushies as well as items needed to enhance their romance stat. Cynthia wears a red dress with red heels and has long white hair. She can be found from 6 AM to 8 PM at her stall. 


Edwin is an Elf that frequents the Sun Haven Tavern and has run up a large tab with Mari. He wears a brown hat and has silver hair. He can be found all day at the tavern, drinking. 

Elizabeth and Emma

Elizabeth and Emma are young residents of Sun Haven and live west of the town above the Bakery with their brother Liam. Elizabeth wears a blue bow in her hair. Emma wears two purple bows in her hair. 

10:10 AMLeave home
10:30 AMStanding in front of Kitty’s animal pen
12:00 PM Leaves Kitty’s 
1:50 PMLibrary
5:10 PMLeave Library
6:40 PMPlaying outside home
8:00 PMLeave for home 


Emmett works as the cashier at most of the stores in town. You can find him running the counter at the General Store, Farming Store, Peter’s Fishing Store, and Kitty’s Animal Store. He mentions being in debt, but has a good work ethic and is determined to pay it off. Emmett wears a white visor and work apron. 


Eve is a resident of Sun Haven who hangs out in the Library and is an avid book lover. She values peoples’ perspectives and ability to teach different things. Eve has red hair and wears a white shirt and yellow pants. She is shown holding a red book. Eve’s character was based off a backer’s design. 


Giuseppe lives in the house just north east of the farm as you enter Sun Haven with his wife Tonya and son Topi. Giuseppe mentions that he comes from a town in the Northern and Eastern regions, however he does not give the town’s name. He has green hair with one silver lock, and wears a blue shirt. 

It is unknown if Giuseppe only specializes in sculpture or if he utilizes other art mediums as well. He can sometimes post a quest on the Bulletin Board asking for a Loom, so he may also specialize in linen/textiles. 

10:00 AMLeaves home
10:10 AMStanding next to home
12:00 PM Leaves yard
12:50 PMLibrary
1:00 PMLeaves Library
1:50 PM Standing next to home
8:00 PMLeaves for home


Heather works behind the counter at the Cafe and makes it her passion to help people start their day with a smile. She mentions working with Liam to supply the cafe with food orders. Heather mentions being on her way to the Great City when she saw the opportunity to open a cafe in Sun Haven. She has brown hair tied up in a white bandana and wears a blue dress. 


Jade is a writer who does all her writing in the Cafe. She’s working on her masterpiece manuscript. Jade is a hard worker and very sure of herself, but a little scatterbrained. When she’s in “the zone,” she doesn’t like to be disturbed, but she is happy to engage in small talk during her breaks. Jade has short pink hair and wears a green shirt under a brown cardigan. 

Jade was created as part of the “Concept an Adventurer” backer tier on Kickstarter with collaboration from Sun Haven Discord user WickedMouthful. 


Jordan helps run the Bakery with Liam. He mentions being in debt, but has a cheery attitude about being able to pay it back. Jordan has short brown hair and wears a blue suit with a brown messenger bag over his shoulder. 


Jun lives in the celestial looking home in West Sun Haven in the far north eastern corner. He serves as a counselor to the Sun Haven residents. Jun has long blue hair tied back and spiked and wears a cowl over a tunic and vest. He encourages self care and serves as a teacher to the young residents of the town. 

7:00 AMLeaves home to stand by pond
8:30 AMLeaves pond
9:40 AMStanding by Elios Fountain
10:30 AMLeaves Elios Fountain
10:50 AMSitting on bench right of Hospital
12:00 PMLeaves bench 
12:40 PMLibrary
4:00 PMLeaves Library
5:00 PMGiuseppe’s and Kara’s yards
5:30 PM Leaves Giuseppe’s and Kara’s yards
7:30 PMStanding by pond in front of house
8:30 PMLeaves for home


Kara lives in the house just west of the farm as you enter Sun Haven. She values spending her time with her son, Pod. Kara mentions occasionally having problems with fatigue. She is a self-confessed homebody and doesn’t leave her house very much. Kara has light green curly hair tied back by a blue and white headband. She wears a blue scarf and a white shirt. 

10:00 AMStands outside her home
12:00 PM Leaves yard
1:10 PMLeaves Library for home 


Kitty is an Amari villager who resides near the Bakery. She is the owner of the Pet Shop and sells other farm animals at her Animal Shop. Kitty has pink hair and ears with two blue bows. She wears a blue and white dress. 

Kitty is energetic and playful while also being able to be easily distracted. However, she is not oblivious to how many of the townsfolk see her, and she has a few insecurities due to how she comes off to other residents. Regardless, she makes sure to not let those feelings slow her down during her daily routine.

Kitty hides behind the trees to avoid being seen by Jun so she can go and play with the fish in his pond. While she does like catching birds and other animals, she does not intend to hurt them and will let them go, seeing it as a form of play. She also appears to have skills as a tailor, as she is working on a dress in her house. She is implied to have a good relationship with Lynn, who likes to let Kitty do most of the talking during their conversations. Her favorite color is pink (as is evident from the interior of her home).

9:10 AMLeaves home to stand at animal pens
1:30 PM Leaves animal pens
3:10 PMLooking at horses at Tavern 
4:00 PMLeaves Tavern
5:00 PMSitting on bench outside Pet Store
8:00 PMLeaves bench 
9:10 PMStanding at animal pens
9:30 PM Leaves for home 


Lester is a member of Sun Haven’s guard. He can be found everyday standing guard next to the large armored phoenix in the Barracks area. Lester has short dark blue hair, wears armor, and carries a spear. 


Liam is Sun Haven’s shy baker. He came to Sun Haven to find a home for him and his sisters from the north and has adapted well but hides his anxiety over providing for his family. Liam may have a fear of dogs, as Emma noted that he began sweating when she asked him if they could adopt a puppy. Liam has wavy brown hair and wears a white shirt and red apron. 

Liam is fiercely protective of his wheat field. He will call the Sun Haven guard on the player if they are found stealing from him. 

7:20 AMBaking at his outdoor oven
9:30 AMLeaves oven to pick up Emma and Elizabeth inside his home
10:10 AMLeaves home 
10:30 AMStanding at Kitty’s animal pens
12:00 PMLeaves animal pens
1:40 PMLibrary
1:50 PMLeaves Library
2:10 PMFarming Store
4:00 PMLeaves Farming Store
4:40 PM Library
5:10 PMLeaves Library
6:40 PMTending to his tomatoes in his yard
8:00 PM Leaves for home


Lucia is the figurehead of Sun Haven. She protects the town as the archmage and leader but is amiable and well known to the residents. She grew up in Sun Haven and was raised by her grandparents. She eventually became the leader of the town, and although she admits to making “many mistakes” at the beginning, she soon became respected by the local residents. Lucia has bright red hair and wears a blue and gold outfit. 

She sees controlling her magic as a sign of being able to show both discipline and competence as a leader, especially after the time she had spent training with her grandfather (the memories of which she views as some of her most precious).

Lucia was “blessed” with magic at the age of eight, which is when her grandfather began training her. However, her grandfather was not Blessed himself. Her favorite dessert is Moon Cream Pie. Her dialogue hints that she has “only ever found it in other regions.” Her red hair is coincidental to her fire magic, and the two are not linked to each other. If she was not the Archmage, she would most likely be a magic teacher. But mostly for the stamps she could use (“Hot Stuff!” “You’re on fire!”). Her grandfather used to call her “Cinderhead” when she was younger, due to her penchant for mischief. She grew up with Catherine, and the two are close friends. She learned most of her leadership by reading the diaries and journals of previous leaders of the town.


Lynn is an apprentice blacksmith exploring the depth of her talent. We first meet Lynn as she leaves her home and boards the train to Sun Haven. Lynn wears a white shirt with a brown corset and a piece of shoulder armor; she has pink hair that is braided and tied back with an orange bandana. 

Lynn constantly worries over her own self-worth, her ability to blacksmith, and the state of her family’s traditions. She cares deeply about upholding the culture she was raised in, and is anxious about having left her hometown. She also has a fear of failing to meet expectations, often commenting on being concerned over something that she is making, hoping that it will get Solon’s approval. She can also be a bit forgetful, as well, as she sometimes finds ingots in her pockets without remembering what they were for. Though she is sweet, Lynn keeps mostly to herself.

Lynn comes from a northern village that has a tradition of female blacksmiths. Her mother adjusted her grandmother’s iron pauldron that Lynn wears as a gift before she left her hometown for Sun Haven. Said pauldron is more decorative than protective, a representation of her village traditions. Because she comes from a small village, she considers Sun Haven to be a large city. Lynn’s mentions of Nathaniel and flustered reactions could hint towards possible romantic feelings she may harbor for him.

Lynn and Kitty are implied to have a good friendship, as Kitty will happily comment that Lynn will let her do all the talking. Lynn mentions to the player that she is scared of Anne. However, she does not elaborate on the reasoning. Her favorite spot in the town is the Quarry, especially at sunset when it provides the perfect lighting to see the stratification of the rocks.

8:30 AMLeaves home
9:30 AMOutside Smithery
9:40 AMInside Smithery
2:00 PMLeaves Smithery
2:10 PMOutside Smithery
4:00 PMLeaves Quarry
6:00 PMStanding in front of Museum
7:00 PMLeaves Museum for home


Mari is a resident of Sun Haven and the owner of the town’s Tavern alongside her husband Ronald. She often makes bets with Ronald in place of arguing, seeing it as healthier for their relationship. Mari and Ronald have been running the tavern for about twenty years. Mari can be found in the middle of the tavern all day. 


Nathaniel is Sun Haven’s Captain of the Guard, striving to keep order and help where he can. Despite his tough exterior, he can be a bit of an air-head, and thus an easy target for pranks by local kids. He tends to ignore his emotions to do his duty. Nathaniel grew up in the Great City. His adoptive mother is a captain of the military, and he grew up in a military household. He believes this is what helped shape him into the individual he is today. Nathaniel has short brown hair, a beard, and wears armor with a sun on it. 

8:10 AMLeaves Barracks
9:50 AMStanding next to eastern bridge with Calvin
12:00 PMLeaves Calvin
1:00 PMStanding next to Elios Fountain
1:30 PMLeaves Elios Fountain 
3:00 PMStanding at end of Docks
5:30 PM Leaves Docks
8:40 PMStanding in front of Barracks fence
9:00 PMLeaves for home


Nim is a young man who works as the cashier at the Pet Store. He has light brown hair and wears a blue shirt, and mentions not minding working long hours. Nim can only be found in the Pet Store. 


Peter is the town’s fisherman and owns the Fishing Shop on the Beach. He can often be found wandering the town and fishing at the various ponds within. The first time you visit the beach, Peter will give you his fishing rod for you to use to fish. Peter is a lifelong resident of Sun Haven, and sees it as the perfect town for him to be in. Before he became a fisherman, Peter worked as a merchant. However, he found that to be too boring and “not as exciting as feeling that first nibble on the end of your line.” Peter wears a straw hat with a crab on it, has blue hair, and carries a red harpoon. 

8:10 AM Enters beach from eastern exit 
8:50 AMFishing Store
12:30 PM Leaves Fishing Store
2:50 PM Fishing north of Kitty’s
3:30 PM Leaves fishing spot
5:30 PM Standing on beach 
7:00 PM Teleports to Fishing Store
7:00 PM Leaves Fishing Store
7:30 PMStanding on beach
7:30 PM Leaves beach
8:00 PM Fishing Store


Pinto is a member of Sun Haven’s guard. He is constantly plagued by allergies and headaches, but tries his best. Pinto has blonde hair, wears armor, and carries a spear. He can be found every sunny day outside of the Barracks.


Pod lives in the house just east of the farm as you enter Sun Haven with his mother Kara. He spends most of his time with his best friend Topi. Pod has light green hair like his mother and wears a white and light blue hoodie. 

10:10 AMLeaves home to stand by doghouse
12:00 PMLeaves doghouse
1:00 PMLibrary
4:00 PMLeave Library
5:00 PMInside his home
6:00 PMLeaves home
6:10 PM Standing by doghouse
8:00 PMLeaves for home


Raimi is Sun Haven’s resident hunter that is skilled in the use of bows and arrows. He says that he is watching out for the player and the town. Raimi wears a yellow and brown cape and hunting attire; a quiver can be seen on his back. 

6:00 AMStanding under the apple tree next to eastern bridge 
12:00 PM Leaves apple tree
1:40 PMStanding by Train Station
2:00 PMLeaves Train Station
3:30 PMTavern
4:00 PMLeaves Tavern
5:00 PMStanding right of the Museum
7:00 PMLeaves Museum
8:10 PMStanding under the apple tree next to eastern bridge for the night


Rex works at one of the market stalls west of the town hall. He has brown hair and has his left arm in a sling from a recent accident. Rex can be found from 6 AM to 8 PM at his stall. 


Ronald is Mari’s husband and helps her run the Tavern as the Barkeep. Ronald and Mari have a competitive streak between each other, often betting on certain things around the town. They both were kind enough to let Stephen, a former bandit, work at the Tavern and provide him a room to live in.

Ronald is a former construction worker that taught himself how to cook. He no longer builds houses, but he and Mari did renovate the tavern together. Ronald has long brown dreadlocks and wears a white shirt with a blue vest. Ronald can be found all day at the tavern bar. 


Roza is a member of the Sun Haven’s guard. She is Second-in-Command of the Sun Haven Corps.  Roza has black curled hair, armor, and a sword on her back. She can be found standing to the right of the entrance to the Barracks all day, near the target dummies.


Rupert is an older gentleman that enjoys his days fishing on the docks in front of Peter’s shop. He is assumed to be retired. Rupert has white hair and wears a fishing hat with a fishing hook caught in it. Rupert can be found all day at the docks. 


Scott works at a market stall west of the town hall. Scott wears an eyepatch and a green shirt, and walks with a cane. He can be found from 6 AM to 8 PM at his stall. 


Solon is the town’s blacksmith, residing on the eastern part of town near the Quarry in his Smithery. He has a reputation as a strict teacher, believing that hard work and effort are the best ways to learn. Solon is stoic and can be a little harsh. However, he is not an angry person and can find common ground with others. Solon is bald headed with a thick brown beard; he wears smithing gear and an apron. He can be found all day in his shop. 


Sophie is a member of the Sun Haven’s guard. She has straight brown hair, wears armor, and carries a spear. She can be found everyday at the barracks.


Stephen is a former bandit that the player can let into the town following the early events of the main scenario quest. He has promised to reform his ways and become a productive member of the town. If let back into the town (the player is given the option to choose whether he is exiled or not), he can be found in the Tavern. Stephen can be seen wearing a red hat and shirt, and has short brown hair. 

Following his reform from banditry, he has had a change of heart. He has become appreciative of the townsfolk who have been helping him, namely Mari and Ronald who took him in and offered work at the Tavern as well as a room upstairs for him to reside in. He is also grateful to the player for letting him have a second chance to redeem himself.


Tonya is a resident of Sun Haven and the town’s Courier and lives with her son Topi and husband Guiseppe. Tonya enjoys cardio workouts, which is why she enjoys her job as the Town Courier. She states that she usually runs in the early morning on the beach so that she can see the sunrise. Tonya has swooping blonde hair and wears a green top and messenger bag.

7:00 AMLeaves home
8:20 AMTown Hall Emmett’s Counter
9:30 AMLeaves Town Hall
10:10 AMLibrary
11:30 AMLeaves Library
12:50 PMBarracks
1:10 PMLeaves Barracks
2:40 PMTavern
4:00 PMLeaves Tavern
5:00 PMGeneral Store
5:00 PMLeaves General Store
6:10 PMPet Store
7:00 PMLeaves Pet Store
7:30 PMTown Hall Emmett’s Counter
8:00 PMLeaves Town Hall for home


Topi lives in the house just northeast of the farm as you enter Sun Haven with his mother Tonya and father Guiseppe. He spends most of his time with his best friend Pod. Topi may confess to the player that he has a crush on Lucia, but he requests that the player keep this a secret (if the player agrees to keep it a secret, they will earn friendship points). He enjoys collecting seashells for their appearance. Topi has dark green hair like his father and wears a green shirt with a brown collar. 

10:10 AMLeaves home to stand by doghouse
12:00 PMLeaves doghouse
1:00 PMLibrary
4:00 PMLeave Library
5:00 PMStanding in his yard 
6:00 PMLeaves home
6:10 PM Standing by doghouse
8:00 PMLeaves for home


Dr. Wornhardt is the town’s only doctor. He is dedicated to his profession and he runs the hospital where the protagonist revives should they faint due to being out past midnight or have no health. Haunted by past mistakes, he came to Sun Haven from the Southern Islands. Wornhardt has medium length silver hair and wears a white doctor’s coat and white gloves. 

Wornhardt also appreciates being able to take breaks when he can and loves spending time by the windmills. Wornhardt is a lover of fruit, often stating that it is the one thing he misses from the Southern Islands. He has been a resident of the town for about one year prior to the protagonist moving to Sun Haven.

11:10 AMLeaves Hospital 
11:10 AMSitting on bench next to Hospital
12:30 PMLeaves bench 
12:50 PMHospital
4:10 PMLeaves Hospital
5:10 PMAt picnic table between two windmills
7:30 PM Leaves picnic table
9:00 PMTavern
9:00 PM Leaves Tavern for home

Other NPCs

Scuzzy W. Bear

A traveling bear merchant who visits the farm monthly. 

Item SoldCost (Tickets)
Purr-fect Potion30
Penguin Potion30
Bunny Potion30
Rainbow Potion30
Puppy Potion30
Merchant Potion100
Archmage Potion100
Apprentice Potion100
Doctor Potion100
Witch Potion100
Baker Potion100
Teacher Potion100
Nya Potion100
Enchantress Potion100
Air Mage Potion100
Knight Potion100
Copper Watering Can800 Coins
Iron Watering Can2500 Coins
Mithril Watering Can99999 Coins
Sunite Watering Can999999 Coins
Glorite Watering Can999999 Coins


A traveling merchant that arrives on the Sun Haven farm once Lucia gives the player a quest to collect darkness essence. He believes Dynus is going to make the whole world a better place by spreading darkness.

Item SoldCost (coins)
Darkness Essence Seeds30
Limited Edition Dynus Plushie10,000

Anne’s Old Mentor

A self-known conman that comments that Anne is doing well for herself. He taught her all she knows about… business. 

Beach Goer 

A person enjoying the beach life. 


A group of kids that stole Topi’s Notebook and hid it by the Library. 


Walks between the Barracks and Lucia’s office in Town Hall delivering important documents. 

Competing Merchant 

A person out for Anne’s success in business. 

Fashionable Woman 

A fashionable person visiting the Sun Haven Clothing Store. 


An elderly gentleman who loves the town plaza and has fond memories of it with his family. He sweeps to keep it nice for future generations to enjoy. 

Flier Boy 

A young boy announcing advertisements for Cynthia’s Romance Stall. 


Generic NPCs found in various entrances and exits throughout the city of Sun Haven. 

Lynn’s Mom

Comes to visit Lynn and stands outside her home. 

“Junior Cadet” Aron

A young one who dreams of being a knight. 

Mana Class

A teacher and a group of students learning about mana concentration and use. 


A person practicing their miming near the Pet Store. 


A rough and tumble adventurer that finds himself in a bit of a predicament in the western forest. Help him out to open the Dungeon of Trials. 

Old Fisherman 

A gentleman enjoying some time fishing off the eastern bridge. He cannot be interacted with. 


A young magic practitioner studying for their exams. 

Shady People

A group of three individuals lurking in the shadows of Sun Haven. 

Solon’s Old Apprentice

A jealous former apprentice of Solon’s sulking around near the quarry. 

Sunburnt Beachgoer

An already sunburnt individual worried about getting a sunburn…

Sunbathing Beach Goer

A person enjoying the sun and Sun Haven beach. 

Tavern Patrons

A group of adventurers enjoying a break at the Sun Haven Tavern. 

Wise Old Man

An older man enjoying time feeding the swans. 

Vitas Varnas

A traveling researcher taking a pit stop in Sun Haven’s Tavern. He’s interested in the books at the library.

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