Sun Haven – The Skills System Guide

The Skills System


The Exploration skill set is made up of four different rows, named as follows: Movement & Mounts, Carpentry, Foraging & Orchards, and Community & Romance. 

Row 1: Movement & Mounts

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Air Skip3Unlock the Air Skip spell. Jump again while mid-air to quickly dash forward. A necessity for traversing the world efficiently.

Costs 4/3/2 Mana, no Cooldown.
Hustle3Increases movement speed by 4/6/8%.
High Jump3Increases jump height by 8/16/24%. 
Well Rested3At the start of each day, gain 1 of 6 powerful Exploration buff effects. These buffs last for 6/12/the whole day.
Architect3Increases movement speed by 10/15/20% while traveling over paths placed on your farm.
On the Run3Increases movement speed by 10/20/30% for 3 seconds after collecting a forageable or breaking destructible objects.
In Your Element3Increases mana regeneration by 0.1/0.2/0.3 per second while in the Forest or Wilderness.
(This applies to all of Nel’Vari)
Mount Mastery3Increases movement speed while mounted by 4/8/12%.
Perfect Balance3You can now use tools while mounted. Actions while mounted are 70/85/100% as fast as normal.
Double Skip3Air skip can now be casted twice in a single jump. The Double Skip costs additional mana. Costs 4/3/2 Mana.

Row 2: Carpentry

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Sharp Axe3Increases damage done to trees by 5/10/15%.
Wood Splitter3Increases the amount of logs dropped from trees by 1/2/3.
Silk Saver3Grants a 40/70/100% chance to yield an extra silk when foraging spider webs.
Heavy Handed3Increases damage done to tree stumps by 20/30/40%.
Ethereal Axe3Unlock the Ethereal Axe Spell. Summons a giant magical ace that swings in a large arc in front of you, dealing 30/40/50 damage to enemies and trees.
Costs 20/25/30 Mana, no cooldown. Damage scales with attack and spell damage.
Precise Axe3Increases your chance to critically strike trees by 5/10/15%.
Sap Sucker3Chopping down a tree restores 4/6/8 mana.
Steady Hand3Chopping down a tree grants 0.1 attack and 0.1 spell damage. Max +5/10/15 attack and spell damage.
Steady Mind3Chopping down a tree grants 0.1 maximum mana.Max +10/15/20 mana.
Lumberjack’s Luck3Fully grown trees have a 5/10/15% chance to drop additional rare materials.

Row 3: Foraging & Orchards

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Double Take3When collecting a forageable, grants a 20/30/40% chance to gain an extra item.
Secret Compartment3All treasure chests and money bags grant 80/120/160 more gold.
Adventurer’s Cookbook3Unlock 5/10/15 unique cooking recipes only obtainable from this skill point. These recipes all use ingredients obtained from foraging.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Replenishment3Collecting a forageable or breaking a destructible object restores 1/2/3 health and 1/2/3 mana.
Organic3Increases sell price of all fruits by 20/40/60%.(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Soul Food3Eating a forageable increases maximum mana by 0.25.(Max +10/20/30 maximum mana)
Horn of Plenty2Increases the amount of fruit dropped by fruit trees by 1.5x/2x.
Scavenger Hunt3Each day, 1/2/3 golden pomegranates now spawn around Sun Haven. Upon harvesting one, the others disappear. Consuming a golden pomegranate increases maximum health and mana by 2 and grants 200 gold.
Rare Find3Increases sell price of all forageables by 10/20/30%.(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Fruits of Midas3Fruit trees have a 2/4/6% chance to spawn golden fruit. (Multiplayer Global Skill)

Row 4: Community & Romance

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Good Neighbor2Each bulletin board quest completed awards 1/2  additional community token(s).
Town Spirit3Each bulletin board quest completed increases maximum mana by 1.

(Max +10/20/30 mana)
Pen-Pals3Sign up for the Sun Haven pen-pal exchange. Receive a letter from someone in Sun Haven every Sunday of each week for 4/7/10 weeks.
Thankful Neighbors3Gain up to 1/2/3 bonus community tokens after gifting a romanceable character.

(Max +1000 per day)
Appreciation3Grants a bonus 10/15/20 gold each day for every heart you have with all romanceable characters.

(Max +1000 gold per day)
Token Citizen2Each bulletin board quest completed awards 20/40 bonus Exploration experience.
Gratuity3Completing a bulletin board quest grants 10 bonus gold each day per request completed.

(Max 200/350/500 gold each day)
Connection3Every heart level gained with each romanceable character grants 0.5/0.75/1 maximum mana.

(Max +50 mana)
Popularity3After achieving 10 hearts with any romanceable character, grants 1/2/3 bonus community token(s) every morning.
Heartfelt Promise3The effects of your wedding ring are increased by 20/35/50%.


The Farming skill set is made up of four different rows, named as follows: Reap & Sow, Cooking, Honey & Flowers, and Farm Animals & Pets. An update is coming to this skill tree in Patch 0.7!

Row 1: Reap & Sow

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Propagation3Grants a 4/6/8% chance to find an extra crop when harvesting crops.
Retaining Soil3Increases chance crops stay watered overnight by 10/15/20%.

(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Tiller’s Tip3Increases the sell price of each crop by 4/7/10 gold.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Thrift Hunter3Increases the amount of discounted seeds for sale in the general store by 10/15/20%. Also increase the daily discount by an additional 10/15/20% off.
Earthquake3Unlock the Earthquake spell. Shake up the earth, instantly tilling a square of 16/25/36 tiles on your farm.

Costs 15/25/35 Mana. No cooldown.
Fertile Land3Grants a 4/8/12% chance to get an extra crop when harvesting crops that are fertilized.
Rain Cloud3Unlock the Rain Cloud spell. Summons a cloud that waters any crops it travels over. Rain Cloud covers the width of 3 tiles and travels across 4/6/8 tiles.
Costs 20/25/30 Mana. No cooldown.
Seed Recovery3Grants all crops a 5/8/11% chance to yield a sees bag for the same when harvested.
Tranquil Farm3Increases mana regeneration by 0.1/0.15/0.2 per second while on your farm.
Expensive Yield 3All crops yield 1/2/3 mana orbs or tickets when harvested.

Row 2: Cooking

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Culinary Mastery3Increases the sell price of cooked meals by 4/8/12%.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Expert Chef3Reduces the craft time of meals and potions by 10/20/30%.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Beginner Cookbook3Unlock 5/10/15 unique cooking recipes. These recipes are only obtainable from this skill.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Nourishment3Eating a cooked meal restores 4/7/10 additional mana.
Chef’s Kiss3Cooked meals increase your relationship with a neighbor by 10/20/30% more than usual when given as a gift.
Leftovers3Gain a 5/10/15% chance to whip up an extra serving when cooking a meal.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Alchemy1Unlock the Alchemy Table crafting recipe at the Crafting Table. The Alchemy Table can be used to craft potions that grant temporary buffs.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Advanced Cookbook3Unlock an additional 5/10/15 unique cooking recipes. These unique recipes are only obtainable from this skill.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Magic Meals3Cooked meals grant an additional 0.5 maximum mana.
(Max +10/20/30 mana)
Cuisine Master3All permanent stat increases gained from food are now increased by an additional 10/15/20%.
(This bonus applies to food eaten in the past!)

Row 3: Honey & Flowers

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Jam Maker1Unlock the Jam Maker crafting recipe at the Crafting Table. The Jam Maker can be used to create jams that grant experience to all professions.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Fruits of Labor3Reduces the mana cost of making jams at the Jam Maker by 2/4/6 mana.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Perfect Memory2Reduces the craft time of jams by 20/40%.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Beekeeper1Unlock the Bee Box crafting recipe at the Crafting Table. When 12 fully grown flower crops are surrounding the Bee Box, it will make honey. Honey restores a large amount of health and mana.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Busy Bees1Bee Boxes now produce honey in 2 days instead of 3.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Flower Farm3Receive 5/10/15 Blue Rose Seeds ok the mail from the Farming Store every Friday.
Delicious Experience3Increases experience gained from eating jams by 10/20/30%.
Seal of Quality3Increases the sell price of jams and homies by 4/7/10%.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Artisan Batches3Gain a 5/10/15% chance to collect an extra artisanry item.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Experienced Artisan3Eating a jam grants an additional 5/10/15 experience every hour for the rest of the day. This experience is based on the last kind of jam eaten.

Row 4: Farm Animals & Pets

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Top Shelf3Increases the sell price of barn animal products by 4/7/10%.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Happy Animals3Farm animals have an 8/6/24% chance to yield an extra animal product.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
New Friends2Unlock the ability to purchase Sheep/Sheep & Pigs at Sun Haven’s Barn Store.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Food Delivery3Receive a free 10/15/20 animal food in the mail from Kitty on every Monday.
Zookeeper3Each barn animal and pet grants a bonus 20/30/40 gold each day.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Friends of the Forest3Receive a first/second/third letter in the mail from a special creature.
Promenade3Walking with a leashed pet grants a bonus 1/3/5% movement speed. Also, gain 2/4/6 Exploration experience every in game hour while walking with a leashed pet.
Full House3Increases max animal slots on your farm by 4/8/12.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Golden Heart3Animal hearts can now overcap, revealing a golden heart bar. Animals displaying their golden hearts have a 8/12/16% chance to yield a golden animal product.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
For The Animals1Barn animals are now very happy! You gain no gameplay benefit.


The Mining skill set is made up of four different rows, named as follows: Pickaxe Skills, Smelting & Jewelry, Tomes & Gold, and Monsters & Buffs. 

Row 1: Pickaxe Skills

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Stone Splitter3Stone nodes have a 30% chance to drop 1/2/3 extra stones. 
Stone Crusher3Increases damage to rocks, ores and gem nodes by 5/10/15%.
Rich Deposits3Ore nodes have a 10/20/30% chance to drop 1 extra ore.
Vacuumulus3Unlock the Vacuumulus spell. Emit a powerful shockwave around you, dealing 12/16/20 damage to surrounding enemies and rocks.
Costs 12/14/16 Mana, No Cooldown
(Damage scales with attack and spell damage)
Coal Miner3Stone nodes have a 4/7/19% chance to drop a coal.
Precious Stones3Increases the sell price of all gems by 15/30/45%.
Wide Swing3Increases your pickaxe’s swing range by 10/20/30%.
Crushing Blow3Grants a 15/20/25% chance for your pickaxe to deal 25/30/35% splash damage to nearby nodes.
Weak Spot3Increases the chance to critically strike nodes when mining by 5/10/15%.
Blast Mining3Ore nodes have a 4/6/8% chance to drop 5 additional ores.

Row 2: Smelting & Jewelry

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Blast Smithing3Increases crafting speed of Anvils and Furnaces by 10/20/30%.

(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Tool Mastery3Increases speed of all tools by 4/7/10%.
Smelting Mastery3Gain a 4/8/12% chance to smelt an extra bar at the Furnace.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Jewel Crafter1Unlock the recipe to craft Jewelry Crafting Table at the Crafting Table. The Jewelry Crafting Table can be used to craft rings and amulets.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Outfitter2Unlock Archer Armor/Archer & Mage Armor at the anvil.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Armor Smith3Increases the sell price of armor and jewelry by 5/10/15%.
Master Armorer3All crafted armor now additionally grants it 1/2/3 bonus attack damage or 1/2/3 bonus spell damage, depending on armor type.
Master Craftsman1Crafted armor now additionally gains 1 of 4 powerful bonus stats.
Efficient Smith3Reduce the crafting cost of items at the Anvil by 10/15/20%.
Uniformity3Wearing a full set of the same armor increases your damage dealt by 4/7/10%.

Row 3: Tomes & Gold

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Savings3Gain a bonus 40/80/120 gold each day.
Industrial3Crafting any item grants you 4/6/8% bonus gold.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Long Arm2Increases your item pick up range by 15/30%.
Tomes of Mana3Unlock the ability to craft Mana Tomes at the Anvil. In addition, Mana Tome recipe costs are 0/15/30% cheaper.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Portal Crafter1Unlock the recipe to craft Selling Portals at the Anvil.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Worthwhile Restoration3Gain 3 gold for every 30/20/10 mana restored.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Feng Shui3Grants 4 bonus gold for each decoration in your house each night. This bonus caps at 20/60/100 decorations, of 80/240/400 gold each night.
Resourceful3Currency bonuses and currency caps gained from the Mining Skill Tree are increased by 10/20/30%.
Tomes of Skill3Unlock recipes for Skill Tomes at the Anvil. Skill Tomes grant 1 skill point to any profession. In addition, Skill Tome recipe costs are 0/10/20% cheaper.
(Multiplayer Global Skill)
Smart Investor3Gain 2% of your total gold every night as bonus gold.
(Max of 400/800/1200 gold each night)
(Multiplayer Global Skill)

Row 4: Monsters & Buffs

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Hidden Gems3Stone nodes have a 5% chance to drop a Sapphire
(Max 2/3/4 Sapphires per day)
Monster Hunter3Increases your damage to monsters in the mines by 10/15/20%.
Quick Escape3Enemies in the mines have a 4/8/12% chance to drop a rusty key when slain.
Dungeoneer3Enemies in the mines grant a bonus 3/6/9 Mining experience when slain.
Mystic Miner3Breaking a stone node with a pickaxe restores 1/2/3 mana.
Crystal Collector3Enemies in the mines have a 25% chance to drop a Fire Crystal when slain.
(Max 4/7/10 Fire Crystals per day)
Looter’s Fortune3Destructible objects in the Mines have a 20/40/60% chance to drop an extra item and give 2/4/6 Mining experience.
Miner’s Luck3Each day, gain 1 of 5 powerful buff effects while within the mines. These buffs are 100/150/200% effective.
Crystal Essence3Breaking a gem node with a pickaxe restores 4/6/8 mana.
Treasure Hunter3Treasure chests respawn 2x/3x/4x more often in the mines. Opening any treasure chest grants 1 HP permanently.

(Multiplayer Global Skill)


The Combat skill set is made up of four different rows, named as follows: Spells, Melee, Ranged, and Armor. 

Row 1: Spells

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Fireball3Unlock the Fireball spell. Fires a blast of flames, dealing 12/14/16 damage and burning enemies for an additional 2/3/4 seconds.
Costs 1 Mana, No Cooldown
Intellect3Increases spell damage by 0.5/1/1.5 for every 10 maximum mana you have.
(Max +30 spell damage)
Mana Conduit3Slaying an enemy restores 1/1.5/2 of your total mana.
(Minimum 1/1.5/2 mana restored)
Mental Focus3Increases your maximum mana by 10/15/20.
Chain Lightning3Unlock the Chain Lighting spell. Shoots a bolt of lighting at an enemy, dealing 14/18/22 damage, and then jumping to additional nearby enemies.
Costs 4/5/6 Mana, No Cooldown
Arcane Mastery3Increases maximum mana by 2/4/6%. After spending mana, recover 4/8/12% of the mana spent.
Firebeam3Unlock the Firebeam spell. Launches a destructive beam of fire dealing 5/7/9 damage repeatedly.

Costs 15/20/25 Mana, 10 Second Cooldown
Spell Haste3Combat spells can now be cast 10/15/20% faster.
Arcane Might3Critical strikes with spells now deal 160/170/180% total damage.
Cataclysm3Unlock the Cataclysm spell. Transforms you into a spinning ball, granting massive movement speed and causing heavy damage to all enemies collided with during this time. Cataclysm deals 100 damage per seconds and lasts for 3/5/7 seconds.
Costs 30/35/40 Mana, 30 Second Cooldown

Row 2: Melee

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Agility3Increases attack speed of swords and tools by 4/7/10%.
Brawler3Increases damage dealt with swords by 5/10/15% and grants 2/4/6 bonus armor for 6 seconds after striking an enemy with a sword.
Lunging Strikes3After jumping, dashing, or casting airskip, damage dealt with swords and crossbows is increased by 5/10/15% for 1 second.
Bounty Hunter3Enemies have a 15/30/45% chance to drop triple the gold when slain.
Double Strike3All attacks hit a second time. This second strike deals 10/14/18% damage.
(5/7/9% for ranged and spells)
Dash Strike3Unlock the Dash Strike attack. Dash Strike can be cast by Right-Clicking with any sword, surging forward and striking all enemies in your path 5 times for 15/20/25% normal damage.
Costs 6/7/8 Mana, No Cooldown
Fervor3Attacks hace a 10% chance to restore 3/5/7 health.
(1/2/3 for ranged attacks)
Berserker3Increases damage dealt by 1/2/3% for each 10% maximum health you are missing.
(Max of 30% damage bonus at 30% health)
Duelist3Critical strikes with Swords now deal 160/170/180% damage.
(Default critical strike damage is 150%)
Boss Hunter2Each consecutive strike with a sword on the same target deals 1/2 additional damage, stacking up to 5 times.

Row 3: Ranged

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Heavy Hitter3Increases damage of all attacks by 1/2/3 damage.
Double Shot3Increases arrows fired each shot by 1 and increases the speed of all ranged projectiles by 0/10/20%.
Hot Shot 3Your crossbow now fires flaming arrows, dealing 1/2/3 more damage each shot and deals burn damage for 2/3/4 seconds. 
Combat Insight3Increases the combat experience gained from slaying monsters by 1/2/3. 
Triple Shot3Increases arrows fired each shot by 1 and increases the speed of all ranged projectiles by 0/10/20%. 
Arrow Storm3Unlock the Arrow Storm attack. Arrow Storm can be cast by right-clicking with any crossbow, raining down a volley of 8/10/12 magical arrows. Costs 12/15/18 mana, no cooldown. 
Eagle Eye3Increases your chance to deal a critical strike by 4/7/10% and your damage accuracy by 10/15/20%.
Sharp Shooter2Increases damage of all attacks by 3/5.
Ferocity2Each critical hit increases your critical strike damage by 3/5%, stacking up to 6 times. 
Rending Shots3Striking the same target with 6 consecutive ranged attacks rends them, dealing 15/20/25 bonus damage. 

Row 4: Armor

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Extra Plating3Increases your armor by 3/5/7. 
Meditation3Restore 0.1/0.15/0.2 health every second. 
Reinforced Armor2Reduces damage taken from enemies by 8/15%. 
Thornmail3After taking damage, reflect 100/150/200% of the damage back to the enemy. 
Adrenaline2After receiving damage, gain 30%/50% increased movement speed, decaying over 3 seconds. 
Fortified3Increases armor by 3 and an additional 2/3/4 armor for each nearby enemy. 
Side Step3Grants a 5/10/15% chance to dodge enemy attacks. 
Deep Sleep3Sleeping restores 20/35/50% more health and mana. 
Grit3Increases damage immunity period after taking damage by 20/30/40%. 
Leadership3Unlock the Aegis spell. Increases armor of all players on the same map by 5/10/15 and heals them for 0.3/0.4/0.5 HP every second. Aegis lasts for 5 minutes, costs 20/25/30 mana. 


The Fishing skill set is made up of only three different rows, named as follows: Catch Buffs & Spells, Fishing Rod Buffs, and Fishing Net Buffs. 

Row 1: Catch Buffs & Spells

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Freshly Caught3Increases sell price of all fish by 5/10/15 gold. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Twin Hooks3Grants a 3/6/9% chance to reel in a second fish with your catch. 
Bonding Experience3Increases the fishing experience gained from catching fish by 3/5/7. 
Lost Booty3Grants a 3/5/7% chance to pull up a treasure chest when catching fish with a fishing rod. 
First Catch of The Day3The first fish caught each day also grants gold equal to 120/250/350% of the fish’s sell value. 
Self Sustaining3Catching any fish restores 5/7/9 mana. 
Bubble Net3Unlock the Bubble Net spell. Conjures air bubbles that magically float forward at a speed of 1/2/3 tiles per second, trapping and catching any fish that it travels over. Costs 25/30/35 mana, no cooldown. 
Outdoorsman3Eating a fish grants the Well Fed buff, increasing mana regeneration and movement speed for 5 minutes. The Well Fed buff is 100/150/200% effective. 
Celebrate Success3Catching a fish increases your movement speed by 20/40/60%, decaying over 8 seconds. 
Arcane Angler3Grants a 4/8/12% chance to catch Enchanted quality fish. 

Row 2: Fishing Rod Buffs

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Upgraded Lure3Increases the attraction radius of your fishing hook by 10/20/30%. Additionally, fish now swim faster towards your hook.
Firm Hand3Reduces the difficulty of the fishing minigame by 5/10/15%. 
Quick Cast3Increases the casting speed of fishing rods by 8/16/24%. 
Bigger Hook3Increases the win area of the fishing minigame by 5/10/15%.
Perfect Cast3Increases cast range of fishing rods by 10/20/30%.
Familiar Waters3Rare, epic and legendary fish spawn rates are increased by 5/10/15%. 
Stick The Landing3Increases the perfect catch area during the fishing minigame by 5/10/15%.
Keen Eye1The silhouettes of rare, epic and legendary fish now sparkle in the water. 
Spawning Season3Increases the spawn rate of all fish by 10/15/20%. 
Advanced Fish Mapping3Increase the spawn rate of legendary fish by 10/20/30%

Row 3: Fishing Net Buffs

Skill NamePoints/RankEffect(s)
Automation3Fishing nets crafted at the Loom require 10/20/30% less wood and stone to craft. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Bountiful Harvest3Every item collected from fishing nets grants 3/6/9 bonus gold. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Taking Notes3Increases experience gained of every fish collected from fishing nets by 3/6/9.
Well-woven Net3Fish caught by fishing nets have a 4/8/12% chance to be higher quality. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Wizard’s Weave3Collecting fish from a fishing net gives you 2/3/4 mana. 
Salvage3Fishing nets now have a 20/35/50% chance to catch craftable items in addition to fish. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Premium Permit3Increases your farm’s maxim fishing net slots by 4/6/8. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Net Positive3Large fishing nets now have a 20/35/50% chance to catch a bonus small fish. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
E-fish-iency1Large fishing nets now catch fish in 2 days instead of 3. (multiplayer Global Skill)
Lost Treasures3Large fishing nets have a 5/10/15% chance to catch treasure chests/ (Multiplayer Global Skill)

Multiplayer Global Skills

Some skills not only benefit the player, but other players playing on the same game file. These skills are called Multiplayer Global Skills, and extend to all players on the same game.

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