Super Hexagon – How to Beat Hexagonest Hyper Mode (and All Previous Ones)

TL;DR: Time to finally beat this game.


After too many years, I gave a second try to this game, to see how far can I get. After few hours, found myself on the last level trying to get the 100% achievement completion. Here are few tips in case you are stuck on the last level that worked very well for me.

Disclaimer: Just because those tips worked well for me it doesn’t mean they can work for you. No refunds accepted.


Play with mouse

I’ve seen keyboards, even mechanic ones, have a little bit of delay compared with the mouse. I’m not sure if it’s because of my fingers or what, but specially on the last level you need an instant answer from the periferic you’re using.

Disable all sounds

This game has a really great OST, but on the hardest levels its a distraction. I saw if I stayed quiet, it was easier to dodge the walls. If you want to mute the game without affecting other stuff, you can do it doing the next:

  • (With the game open) Windows speaker (bottom right, next to the time on Windows) -> Mixer conf -> Super Hexagon -> Mute

Watch the edges of the screen

Initially I was looking at the center, where the arrow is dodging. But I’ve found if you check the edges, you learn to see where is your arrow while you’re tracking if you are on the correct track (you can stay on your position) and you’ll see and identify faster the incoming patterns.


One thing I’ve learnt is to focus on something on a new level. Any minor distraction (a message on my phone, my cat meowing) was enough to fail a run.

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