SuperHeads – Getting Started

SUPERHEADS can be played with either keyboard+mouse or gamepad. TOY around with both options and find the control scheme that works for your playstyle! 

How to Play

While SUPERHEADS has several game modes, each game mode consists of the same basic gameplay.

You select a Head to play with and once in game, you attach to Bodies to use. You can attach/detach to Bodies at any time and can also steal other players’ bodies by knocking them off of it or just outright destroy it.

Each Body has a basic attack, basic kick/charge, and a unique ability so be sure to try them all out! Each is effective in their own ways and it’s up to you to utilize them to their fullest potential.

In-Game UI

Now that you are KNOWLEDGE-HEAD, lets go ahead and take a look at your in game UI!

  • Health – Your typical health bar. Once depleted you’ll need to wait a brief moment until you respawn.
  • Stamina – Holding down the Shift/Left Trigger will allow you to sprint. Continuing to hold down the sprint button will deplete your stamina. Once reduced to 0, you will no longer be able to sprint, however Stamina will increase when not using your sprint.
  • Action Ability – You can perform your action ability using the Q/Right Button. All heads perform a ‘Dash’ skill that can do damage to other players. If the other player hit currently has a body equipped, you’ll also steal that body.

Bodies and Heads

While the name of the game is SUPERHEADS, you’ll be given access to a wide variety of powerful toy bodies for your heads to attach to. Each body comes with a new set of attacks, and a special ability, each designed to inflict maximum annoyance, and CAR-nage!

Attaching/Detaching: Once you roll up to a body, press your ATTACH button and your head will attach itself to that targeted body. In order to detach, simply press the same ATTACH button you used to attach your head initially.

Note: Once a body has been equipped, your ‘dash’ will be replaced by one of the many unique abilities each body has. Find a body that best suits your playstyle!

Attacking: Each body has 3 different attacks they can perform:

  • Main Attack – Your main attack is meant for dishing out damage, and can be spammed as fast as your mouse finger allows! Keep in mind that different types of bodies, will either provide you with a melee or ranged attack.
  • Secondary Attack – Secondary attacks are meant to offer a bit more versatility, with their ability to knock back enemies. You can hold this attack for an even greater knockback effect.
  • Special Ability – As mentioned before, each body will come with its own unique special ability, replacing the generic DASH ability that all heads come with. Unlike Main/Secondary attacks, once you use your special ability, you must wait a brief moment for the cooldown to come back up.

Earning Coins

Coins are the bread-and-butter currency of SUPERHEADS and are used to purchase Heads, in-game cosmetics, and more!

You can earn them from playing games, from purchasing packages, and other ways such as event rewards.