Survarium – Simple Guide

Beginners Guide

Let’s begin with the tutorial. The tutorial is meant to learn you the basics of this game, so i recommend completing it.

After you complete the tutorial you are going to customize your character and choose your faction. My recomandation: pick Ressinance Army faction(it has the best armor and decent guns).

Now you need to dress up! Go to the shop and select Tier 1 and all Factions(they are all at tier 1) and then pick the best armor you can get. When it comes to weapons you need to pick AKM (the best beginer weapon).

Before you start any pvp game you need to know that you have a limited time premium account wich gives you 3 profiles ( you need to dress up and put your utilities in each profile). You can upgrade your weapons by pressing M2(right click) on a weapon/armor -> to workshop if you want to customize it. You need kills in order to put atachments on the weapon.

Now you need to know the gamemodes:


A team mission wich is played against bots, you need to find boxes 10 and not get killed in 45 minutes. I recomend searching a pve hard 10/10 squad in the general chat, die at the beggining, and analyse how you teamates play( this is how yo will learn the spawning points of the boxes ). The map is full oof invisible anomalyes, you need to throw nuts for detecting anomalyes and avoiding them. You will learn to solo this mission in time.


  • Batery Retrival: The gamemode consists in 2 teams (8v8). There are 2 places where batteries apear, you need to get the batteries and bring them to your base in order to win.
  • Team Deatchmach: TDM is the mode in wich you need to kill in order to win. If you die you will respawn. For a win the teams need to get to 100 kills, and if not they need to score more kills than the oposite team in a specific time ( i don’t know exactly it is arround 15 minutes or less)
  • Search and Destroy: In this gamemode there are 2 teams (5v5). If you die you won’t respawn till the round ends. Each team is going to play atackers or defenders. The atackers need to get the artifact and “plant” it in one of the 2 boxes( A site or B site). The defenders need to protect the 2 sites from the atackers. Just like in CS.
  • Slaugher: TDM but your team needs 150 kills in order to secure the win.
  • Research: There are 3 points on the map( A B C). The teams must capture the points in order to get research points. In this gamemode you can get a lot of points from killing and doing the objective ( wich gives you a lot of points). The first team to reach 100% (reseach points) wins. 

When you level up you get skil points wich are used for upgrading your skill tree. I recommend upgrading weaponry skills ( most of them are pretty useful).

When you reach T3 on your faction change your faction and grind for it, you need to have all factions upgraded.

This is a game that needs grinding.

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