Swallow the Sea – Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.


Note: Credit goes to YouGotHitByGunner

Note: This game is skill dependant, and might take some practice and several attempts to unlock all the achievements.

There are three achievements to keep in mind from the beginning of the game.
Complete the game without dying. Complete the game without taking any damage. And complete the game in less than 4 minutes.

First Gate

  • Eat at least 1 worm and 9 orbs to open the next area. Dash in the gate on the right to break it.
  • Use Right Click (dash), as much as possible during your speedrun.

Second Gate

  • Achievement opportunity: Teach a Man to Fish, for this one you have to eat all the Vobbles (red worms) without dying in the process. There’s a total of eleven in the game. The first one is roaming in this area, but you’re too small to eat it right now. You have to make it follow you in the next section.
  • Avoid the blue worms, they considerably slow you down.
  • Eat at least 5 worms and 13 orbs to open the next area. Swim up and dash in the gate.

The Monster

  • During your speedrun, you’d want to be as close to the gate on the right as possible, for when the next area opens up. So start eating from the left side. Eat at least 8 worms, 3 blue orbs, and 15 orbs to open the next area.
  • Achievement opportunity: Teach a Man to Fish, after you get big enough, you can now eat all six red worms inside this area. But it won’t unlock yet, you still have five of them to worry about. They roam in the last area.
  • Warning: There’s a monster behind the gate on the right. Prepare yourself. Dash in the gate, and to save time during the speedrun DON’T run away, move towards the upper wall, wait there until the monster clears the way, dash downwards, and continue moving forward. You can see the trick at minute 1:30 in my speedrun video.
  • Achievement opportunity: After you dash in the gate, the monster will blow you a kiss. When he does that, dash towards his lips.

Gentle Kisses
Get kissed by the Orro.

The Walls

  • During your speedrun, don’t deviate from the path, keep dashing forward until you find yourself in front of some walls. The next step seems to be random: Dash in the walls until all of them break, and go through. If the monster catches up to you and hits you two times, restart the game. You’ll waste too much time hiding away from him. You can see at minute 1:50 in the video how it’s supposed to go.

The Womb

  • During your speedrun, ignore all food from the surroundings, those don’t help you at all. Go straight for the ‘bones’, smash each one, and eat whatever is inside of them. As soon as you finish with the last bone, you’ll grow big enough to advance to the next area. Go to the gate on the right and dash in it.

Last Area – The Baby

  • There are two creatures here that can kill you. A red orb with a blue worm coming out of his eye, and the monster. But if you’re fast enough, you won’t have to deal with any of them.
  • During your speedrun, go straight to the left, don’t even think about anything else. Go upwards, you’ll see a gate there. Dash in it. Eating the big orb that hides there will make you big enough to end the game, and also enables you to eat everything in the area.

Become an only child.

  • Eat the monster.

Consume the Orro.

  • Eat the last five red worms, all of them are roaming inside this area. If you didn’t die, the achievement will pop as soon as you’ve eaten the last one.

Teach a Man to Fish
Consume all Vobbles without dying.

  • To end the game, go straight to the right, you’ll see a purple gate. Dash in it. Once you eat the purple baby, the game ends.

Complete Swallow the Sea.

  • If you’ve met the requirements, all these other achievements will also unlock:

All of My Organs
Complete Swallow the Sea without dying.

Prime Cut
Complete Swallow the Sea without taking damage.

Flashes Before Your Eyes
Complete Swallow the Sea in under 4 minutes.

  • You’ll unlock this if you die at any point.

Swallowed by the Sea
It happens to the best of us.

  • Once you unlock all the other achievements, this will also pop.

Swallow the Sea
100% Swallow the Sea

  • Congratulations on your completion!
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