Tactical Assault VR – Troubleshooting Guide (FAQ)

Hey all, here are some possible solutions that may help some of you running into launch issues with Tactical Assault VR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steam VR Troubleshooting Guide

TAVR is not launching on Steam (Meta/Oculus, HP Reverb). How can I fix it?

TAVR’s OpenXR runs on SteamVR. You can switch it through the SteamVR settings.

Valve Index controllers are not tracking. The headset tracks fine.

You may be experiencing conflicts with other apps running in the background.

How do I bring up the in-game menu?

Left-Hand Trigger + Y (or B depending on your VR system)

How do I turn on the Flashlight and/or Laser?

Grab the foregrip (front) and press Trigger for Flashlight and B (or Y) to turn on the Laser.

Can I mod the in-game files?

Modding support is not available at this time. We recommend that you do not modify any files at this early stage of development to avoid any issues.

Can I play TAVR through OculusXR on PCVR?

Yes, you can switch to the OculusXR Launcher build through TAVR’s properties > Betas > OculusXR Launcher

On HP Reverb, I am huge in the game! How can I adjust my player size?

TAVR takes your height from your roomscale or stationary settings. But some headsets do not read properly in TAVR.

For now, you can make additional adjustments to your height by pressing the Up or Down arrows on your keyboard. These settings do not save (for now) between maps. You will have to keep adjusting your height with each map load.

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