Tales of Arise – Alpha Reaper (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat the Alpha Reaper

You will hunt this Gigant during the sub-quest Dohalim, Big Game Hunter The enemy is weak to earth and has a spirit core on its arm.

It is also accompanied by two Apes which should definitely be dealt with first. After that, switch targets so you’re locked at the enemy’s core and start hitting it.

It is not a good idea to slug it out with the thing as it is much too fast for that. Wait for an opening instead. You’ll get a good one when the enemy lands after doing three consecutive jump attacks. You can always just go for the body if the spirit core is proving difficult to hit.

Down the Reaper with boost attacks from Alphen and Dohalim.with boost attacks from Alphen and Dohalim. When the Gigant enters overlimit, it’s easier to avoid its attacks by running. You can still hit the body with strong attacks like Reigning Slash for damage.

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