Tales of Arise – Flamewrecker (Boss Guide)

How to Defeat the Flamewrecker

You’ll hunt this Gigant during the sub-quest Walking Crag. The enemy is weak to water, being a golem variant means you’ll find its spirit core at the rear.

Naturally, an opponent this size hits really hard. However it is also rather predictable. Both Law and Kisara’s boost attacks can down the gigant, you’ll have a much easier time doing it with Law.

All you need to do is have strike the gigant’s spirit core to knock it down. As Alphen, spam the core with Howling Azure Storm then dodge evade as soon as the massive arm starts to swing back. Use Alphen’s boost attack when possible to down the gigant as well. But this time, you can strike anywhere.

The Flamewrecker prepares its strongest by spinning its arms to gain momentum. Break off right away and dodge the incoming combo. When the gigant enters overlimit, it would be best to temporarily abandon offense and keep away from the enemy. Move back in as soon as it calms down to continue what you’ve been doing before.

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